Monday, February 23, 2009

Award shows.

I suppose I could have just titled this entry "The Oscars," since that is obviously what this is going to be about, but really any show which involves lots of people being really really happy and/or proud sucks me in and usually makes me cry a lot even when I don't know what I'm crying about.

I should also say before I start talking about how awesome I think the Oscars were that I know it is very popular to think that the Oscars are usually pretty un-awesome, and that the Academy and the whole thing is rigged and that things win just for political reasons and so on and so forth. & so everything I say henceforth may make me sound naive and silly to more hip, movie-focused people, but I'm okay with that.

So I thought the Oscars were really awesome! Kathy & I were highly entertained from the beginning of Hugh Jackman's musical number opener and continued to be throughout, although I should note that this all might have been enhanced by the fact that I brought home a bottle of wine to celebrate our watching of the award show, and we consumed said bottle pretty quickly, and we both drink so little nowadays that really just one glass each would have made us pretty silly. But anyway, so then I was teary by the first clip show of past emotional acceptance speeches during the very first award, which was Best Supporting Actress, and then when Penelope Cruz won for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which I saw and in which she was bilingually amazing even though bilingually is probably not a word, and she started talking about growing up in a small far away place where the idea of winning an Oscar seems very impossible, and something about the importance of art & how it brings the world together, and yes I know this is a long awkward run on sentence, well, I was very very teary by that point - this is about fifteen minutes into the show - because gosh, I am just such a sucker for this stuff. I mean I like really, really love this stuff. I don't think I could ever get enough of emotional inspiring acceptance speeches.

I loved the concept of past winners coming out in groups and presenting the current nominees - Sofia Loren presenting Meryl Streep, hello, amazingness. I loved the Return of the Musical number with Beyonce because let's be honest, who doesn't love Beyonce nowadays; when I think of the coolness factor of her and Jay-Z together I just feel overwhelmed. I loved the classiness of Heath Ledger's family when they accepted his award & how everyone cried during it. (And no, he didn't win just because he's dead, geez louise.) I loved, loved, loved Tina Fey and Steve Martin. I loved the clipshows that mentioned lots of popular movies from the last year, even crappy ones. I loved how happy and excited that kid from Slumdog Millionaire looked anytime they panned past him in the crowd. I loved that Milk won for things, & I loved the emotion of the gay writer's acceptance speech, & I really, really loved the anger about Prop 8 in Sean Penn's speech. I loved that Jai Ho won for Best Song because it was so triumphant and powerful in the movie. I loved how Alicia Keys was awesome at pronouncing foreign names. I loved how excited Anne Hathaway looked about just being there. I loved that the really, really crazy guy from Man on Wire was there. I loved Kate Winslet because who doesn't.

I think that, even if people think the many awards for Milk and Slumdog Millionaire are political, they are the two most important movies this year for the American people to see. The effect of Hollywood on the world is so important for our country, and I'm just so happy the world could see us celebrating the life of an openly gay politician and a tale of optimism from Mumbai, like maybe one day the world will be so much smaller, and better, and we'll know more about other cultures and every man really will be equal, and allowed to love who they want, and if this is the view the Academy wanted to portray, then good for them.

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