Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pine State Biscuits.

I read about Pine State Biscuits around a year ago in the Oregonian, when the word Cheerwine caught my eye. See, Kathy being a native North Carolinian, she had told me about her love for what is not a pretty happy wine at all but a cherry cola flavored beverage, loved by many a North Carolina child. Kind of similar to growing up by Scranton and drinking Cherikee Red. Only less racist. So you can imagine the excitement for her of being able to enjoy some Cheerwine all the way on the other side of the country. The story behind Pine State Biscuits goes that some NC State grads moved to Portland and started selling biscuits at the Portland Farmers Market and they were so popular they eventually opened their own restaurant, which is a cute little building on Belmont in Southeast. The inside holds approximately three tables and a small counter by the wall, which makes the idea of actually sitting somewhat difficult on popular mornings, although if you wait a little while, most people know the etiquette of eat-your-biscuits-and-go, or will let you a share a table with them in their friendly Portland hipster-ish way if the room allows. The South continues to come through in their serving some seriously delicious sweet tea in mason jars, and recently they've add NuGrape to their amazing soda selection - oh, and the Cheerwine also comes in fancy glass bottles! - although most of the Portland hipsters of course prefer the Stumptown coffee from a variety of fun mugs. But anyway, as for the actual food, I am a firm customer of the McIsley - a biscuit sandwich consisting of fried chicken, pickles, real mustard, and real honey, and nothing else, but it is DELICIOUS. And real messy. My favorite part is sopping up all of the fallen honey and mustard with the last bits of my biscuit. Sometimes you get a huge piece of chicken and sometimes it's more modest but it's always delicious; I've never had a sketchy-chicken-bite. Kathy gets their more famous biscuit sandwich, the Reggie, which is much more heart-attack-inducing - chicken, bacon, gravy, and cheese, and you can make it a Reggie Deluxe by throwing in a fried egg. Mmm, mm.


  1. From the Cherikee Red Wikipedia page:

    "Each bottle features the head of an Indian chief. One can contains 190 calories entirely from 47 grams sugar." Ahaha, I love it.

    I like the idea of this blog! And I'm your first commenter! Whoo hoo!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you started a blog. I love reading about everyones lives. I just got into blogging too, I didn't even know I liked to write! (Sarah)

  3. mmmmmmm...cheerwine, everytime i drink you i think of kathy.