Thursday, February 19, 2009

Robot Dreams.

Last summer I took a children's lit class, where I got to read lots of awesome books like Shiloh and Maniac Magee, although these are things I would have read on my own anyway (or already had). Mainly, I also read a crapload of picture books which I wouldn't have otherwise read, and had to write about the story & illustrations in each one - which always took longer than reading the actual book and became kind of a pain in the butt after the 20th picture book or so. But it was interesting, and what I remember most from the class is that I really, really loved the few wordless picture books we studied - I often found them more moving than any others.

Kathy is obviously of a like mind, because when we were at the library last week she picked up Robot Dreams by Sara Varon, which is a wordless children's graphic novel about a robot and a dog who become friends. She said as soon as she saw it she knew she would like it. I mean, obviously. It's a robot and a dog who become friends! What more can you ask for, really. You know you kind of like it already, too. I finally read it myself last night, and what you may not expect about a wordless graphic novel about a robot and a dog becoming friends is that it is SO. SAD. And awesome, but mainly, sad. Even though it is super cute and supposedly for children, like many things which are supposedly for children, it will also break your heart. Saying it better than I can is a quote on the back cover which says, "This graceful little book is one of the deepest explorations of friendship in any medium." To which I say, Fo' Realz.

So go look for it at your local library! And if they don't have it, just buy it. Seriously.

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