Monday, March 9, 2009

Everclear's Santa Monica.

We can live beside the ocean
Leave the fire behind
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die.

If you know me you know that reminiscing about 90s music is kind of a Thing of mine, but I really, really like this song. Mainly because every time I hear it I feel like I am getting in a car, leaving some troubled unhappiness behind me, and driving to California just because I "want to see some palm trees" or "I just want to find some place to be alone," which seems to capture a very real essence of teenager-dom, and if there is anything a pop song should be about, it should be capturing the essence of teenager-dom. The palm tree reference especially invokes a dreaming-of-the-West-Coast-while-living-on-the-East-Coast-with-very-long-winters kind of teenager-dom, which is an angst that I particularly like hearing/writing/reading about. This is a notion obviously similar to the Mama and the Papas' California Dreamin' which I also love very, very dearly but California Dream' is far too realistic because the protagonist at the end of the song "knows I'm going to stay." But with Santa Monica, you feel like you are already halfway there, and one day really will live beside the ocean, and watch the world die, which sounds violent and pretty vague but satisfying in a really-sad-but-sounds-happy pop song kind of way.

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