Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lisa Hannigan's I Don't Know.

This song is light and happy and sweet and good and so kind of reminds me of hearing Feist's I Hear It All for the first time two years ago. I saw Feist live once in Boston and she and part of the audience tried to turn it into this real hip rock and roll show, like stand up on your feet and rock out! And I didn't get it at all because I was like Feist, you know your best songs are light and happy and sweet, not rock and roll, come on now. Anyway, I had actually heard Lisa Hannigan before through my many listenings to Damien Rice's O four years ago, on which she sings a lot of beautiful backup, although backup isn't even an appropriate word for many of the songs. Hm, okay, so she co-sang with Rice on most of the CD. There's probably a better way to phrase that. But back when I listened to that oh-so-dramatic but oh-so-pretty CD all the time I didn't even know her name. Which is a shame, but now I do, because she has her own album, Sea Sew out, and I downloaded this song from it about a week ago. And the reason why I really like it today is that for whatever reason I woke up with it in my head on repeat, and I also woke up having gotten a good night's sleep which recently hasn't been happening for me all the time, and so while most early mornings when I am getting ready for work I am cranky/exhausted/half alive, today I felt overall comfy and content and good. So thank you Lisa Hannigan, and all other soft voiced folk-alternative-y singer songwriters; I wish your warm voices would stay inside my head and wake me up every day.


  1. I'm glad you posted the video twice, i'm not sure i woulda watched it if you had posted it only once!

  2. haha okay i fixed it you big meanie.