Thursday, March 26, 2009

National Geographic.

Three years ago, Kathy gave me a subscription to National Geographic as a gift - probably inspired by my hobby of randomly studying maps for fun - and it was one of the smartest gifts anyone has ever given to me because ever since then I have read every issue cover to cover each month. I plan on continuing to do so until I die, because I am that big of a nerd, and also I want to have an even bigger yellow collection on my bookshelf than this one I have now. I can't think of a more peaceful day off of work than one spent with a mug of tea and my couch and a new National Geographic. In the backroom of the library-run used bookstore where I volunteer there is a huge bookshelf entirely of National Geographics, dating back to at least the 20s or 30s, and I often like to go back there and just stare at it for awhile and feel really happy. This makes me sound a little weird, I know, but, I am a little weird.

I think National Geographic fits me so well because it is a magazine which combines all of my favorite things: Photography, environmentalism, and travel. I have discovered over the years that the type of person who avidly enjoys one of these things will usually like the other: the environmental greenie types usually also enjoy fancy cameras; those who enjoy fancy cameras usually would also really love to travel the world, etc., and all of us would probably enjoy National Geographic. The pictures in the magazine are pretty consistently some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen; a large majority of their stories have a conservationist theme; and my favorite articles are usually about those places in the world I will probably never be able to visit but like thinking I will, or sometimes, they are places I had never even heard about before. Reading National Geographic encompasses the best qualities of reading in general: through it you can feel like a better, wider person without ever leaving the house.

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  1. that's amazing. that makes my stack of NG look puny.