Monday, April 13, 2009

Gertrude Hawk Smidgens.

Now, I know that I moved so far away from my family of my own choice, so it is unfair of me to whine about it, yet that doesn't change the fact that I really want to most of the time, particularly around holidays. It is hard, for instance, to hear all of my co-workers over the weekend talking about having Easter dinners with their family as if it was no big deal/almost annoying, when I of course would lovelovelove to have had Easter dinner with my family. Living far from Pennsylvania means I don't get to meet my siblings' new significant others, or see my cousin's kids growing up, or listen to my aunt's political ramblings, or hang out with my awesome cousins, and a whole variety of other things. But, there are just a few good things about the distance. One being that it makes you appreciate all of those things much more. The other, of course, is getting packages from your mommy.

I received one last week and bless my mom, it was filled with Gertrude Hawk Smidgens for Easter! Gertrude Hawk is a chocolate company based out of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, with stores only in the PA/New York/New Jersey area. However, growing up, I had no idea about this and thought people could get Smidgens everywhere around the nation. How tragic it was to learn I was wrong, because Smidgens are DELICIOUS. They're just little chocolates filled with caramel or peanut butter, and there are probably more varieties but caramel or peanut butter are the only ones that matter because they are obviously the best. At Easter the Smidgens are shaped like bunnies and at Christmas they're shaped like little Santas, and being that Christmas always somehow evokes the strongest memories, I remember eating so many of those little chocolate Santas at my grandma's house every Christmas Eve. The bunnies, though, are good too.

Kathy often likes to remind me of the one and only time I spent some time around Christmas in North Carolina with her family, and brought her parents two boxes of Smidgens as a gift. Which I then proceeded to eat almost all of over the few days I was in their house. I don't think her parents hold it against me, but I swear I am usually not that bad of a gift giver. Lesson learned: I cannot be trusted to give food as gifts. Especially when it's Gertrude Hawk Smidgens.


  1. hahahaha. i'm not surprised you ate them all. i love that they are filled with love.

  2. sam, remember that time jill ate all of luis's toffee that he had gotten in the yankee swap at keith's party? good times.

  3. of course. "but i was hungry!"

  4. Dave really wants to meet you AND he loved his first Smidgens experience. I think he said, "smidgens are the shit." We're coming to visit you this summer.