Monday, May 18, 2009

Crepe Mondays.

Although Kathy and I have been out of college for exactly three years now, we have yet, for better or worse, to pin ourselves down in 9-5 Normal People jobs. Instead, we find ourselves working until past midnight or 14 hour days on the weekends and working opposite shifts from each other, etc, etc. But we always somehow have Monday mornings off together, which give them a somewhat special, just-for-us, Saturday (Monday) morning feel. A morning to sleep in, give Toby a full long walk, regroup. And in the last two months or so we have concocted a tradition of making crepes. Kathy learned to make crepes in her Foreign Cuisine class in high school, a nifty sounding class she probably took at the same time that I was sewing together pillows and awkward shorts in Home Ec, and they require a simple amount of ingredients. Meaning, that even if we are super poor and can't afford a trip to the grocery store until our next paycheck and our cabinets look pretty sad, we usually have the eggs, milk, and flour they require. In the beginning when we were really pumped about our new idea of making crepes a tradition on Mondays, I took the time to make a cinnamon apple filling; when Erin & Grey came over to watch Obama's inauguration and we really creped it up for the occasion, we added Nutella and chopped up bananas to the spread. Lately, we've been lazier and stick with filling ingredients which don't require any preparation: lemon juice, and powdered sugar. And let me tell you, this simple combination is amazing.

There are only a few other places in my life I have ever eaten crepes. One was on the streets of Paris. Another was that cute little crepery in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Massachusetts where I went a few times during our last summer in Boston, and I'd order a crepe and tea and sit there for awhile writing in a notebook, out of a desire to be one of those people who go to cafes everyday to write. What I learned: if you are one of those people, you need to have a lot of spare time and enough money to buy unnecessary things at a cafe everyday, which I do not, and really the fact that there are such people who do in the world flabbergasts me, in a jealous way. Anyway, sidetracked: Paris was nice. Wonderful, even. But really. Sitting in my pajamas next to Kathy watching TV and pouring as much powdered sugar and lemon on each crepe as I want, while our animals curl up around us? Just as good.

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  1. This is amazing. Also, I am thoroughly impressed at Kathy's culinary skills. I've never attempted crepes, but they scare me because I can't even make pancakes. Paris Creperie is great, but I prefer their nutella mint hot chocolate. The crepes at Mr. Crepe in Davis are actually much better. Now I want a whole pile of crepes!