Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A good grey t-shirt.

I am not one for fashion, although the truth is, in my head I like to daydream that I am. I in fact really like shopping for clothes even though I hardly ever do because I can't afford it. But, on the rare occasions that I am shopping for clothes, I imagine myself buying all the pretty, crazy things I see and wearing them in a casually cool but pretty, crazy way. Sometimes for kicks I try on these pretty, crazy things, and most of the time I realize they are 1) made for people who are size 0-5, or 2) made for people who are Just Not Me. Me, in the end, wears the same pair of jeans everyday and owns (and wears) an alarming number of brown sweaters. The closest I get to actually having a crazy fashion sense is in an acute fascination with dangly, sparkly, multi-colored earrings, but even those recently have become more of a collection on my bathroom counter than things I actually wear. But both the real Me and the Fashion Goddess In My Head Me agree there are two items of clothing one must own, aside from the pair of jeans: a white tank top, and a good grey t-shirt.

It's occurred to me recently that for the last, say, five years, I have somehow only owned one good grey t-shirt, which is this George Washington one I believe my mom bought for me at my sister's graduation from George Washington. Her undergraduate graduation from GW; she has since completed two years of Teach for America and then returned to GW to attend, and graduate from, their law school...alright, so maybe this t-shirt is even older than five years. Having worked at a college bookstore myself at one point in time, I know this was one of those cheap-o shirts which are usually rolled up in a big bin for $5 or so. But this shirt fits me perfectly, without the common pitfalls of t-shirts I've found: hugging too tightly around the hips (the biggest one), too baggy or lengthy sleeves, choking collars. And I wear it underneath everything, because when you are casually layering, a good grey t-shirt (or a white tank top) is obviously the best bottom layer. So upon recent examination of this George Washington t-shirt, I realized: It's real, real gross. Like, my mom would be embarrassed if she knew I still wore it. There are holes all over it with more constantly beginning to form, and the armpits have molded into pitiful hard, stained, sad excuses of fabric. And so I'll have to probably give it up soon, although I don't know how, since I have yet to find a good grey replacement. But for now I'll just say thanks, George Washington t-shirt. You know me so well.


  1. This t-shirt is exactly six years old, actually. We both got one when I was picking up my cap & gown. I still have mine too. It is the best fitting t-shirt ever.

  2. yes! okay, well as long as you still have yours, then it's not gross if i still have mine. :)