Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.

Two facts about Oregon: 1) It is really pretty. 2) We have a car here! These two facts alone open up an amazingly accesible world full of wonderful things like the ocean and waterfalls and mountains and tulip festivals. Specifically, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, which we've gone to for two years now, this year joined by Erin (pictured!) and Grey. In the last few weeks my interest in gardening has turned into the seedlings of an obsession, and so things like this make me really want to geek out and learn the names of every tulip/flower/tree/plant/living thing in the world, because I have really realistic expectations of myself. Speaking of realistic, visiting any kind of farm in Oregon - whether they grow tulips or make cheese or raise chickens or harvest pumpkins - also infuses my head with endless daydreams of Kathy & I owning our own farm, with our own wrap-around-porch-with-a-swing farm house, with an old dog on the steps and a lazy cat on the railing, and rows and rows of things we grow with our own hands.

But anyway! This tulip festival is wonderful, although I suppose it's the only tulip festival I've ever been to, and it's not just wonderful because its title has Wooden Shoe in it, and not just because there are actual wooden shoes randomly around on the grounds, and not just because that makes me think of the Netherlands and those few crazy months I lived there, and it's not just because of that kind old man who handed us our brochure when we parked who told us, "It's a world of color out there!", but because it actually was a world of color out there, and standing in the middle of it all felt pretty overwhelming, in the loveliest of ways.

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