Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portland, Oregon.

As mentioned in my last entry, June is the month of visitors for us. My dad was here last week, who has been here more than anyone and has already seen a good amount. So we got creative and drove to Bend, which was pretty wonderful and made me realize what a diverse/great state Oregon as a whole is. This week Kathy's friend Steph from North Carolina is visiting, her first time, and so we're hitting all the first-time-visitor hot spots: Yesterday we conquered the Columbia River Gorge and all the wonderful vistas/waterfalls which come with it, and we tried to conquer Mt. Hood at the same time but it was all a little too much. Especially since Steph had been a plane for six hours. By the time we got home we were pretty exhausted and had probably spent too much time in the car. So today, we spent all day in Portland. And it was awesome.

There was an editorial in the Oregonian recently about how the New York Times Travel section and really pretty much everyone else have been writing a good number of articles about How Awesome Portland Is and how all the love is almost getting to be annoying/unrealistic. As for actually living here, the awesomeness does shine through sometimes but is often crowded out by other things. On a superficial level, it's crowded out by working too much and stressing about money and all the other realities of day to day life, just as living anywhere awesome probably isn't awesome all the time when you actually have to make a living there. On a personal level, it's crowded out by a specific inability to live in the moment which has come over me here, even though I know what's happening in the moment is great. For better or worse, living so far away from everything my life was before makes me live in a mindset of either overthinking the past - how great life in Boston was, how I got to see my family more, etc - to overthinking the future - moving to North Carolina at a future date, having an actual career, being able to see my family more again, etc. It's a strange situation of being constantly excited about where I am and when I won't be where I am anymore at the same time.

But today, we started out the morning at Pine State Biscuits. Then we made our way to the Rose Garden. Then the Japanese Garden. And the Chinese Garden. And Powell's. And Stumptown. And then we took a tour on Willamette Jet Boat Excursions, where we got soaked and I pretty much had the most fun I've had in a really long time. Then we drove home feeling sunsoaked and windwhipped, and soon, we will make our way out to dinner at Montage.

And right now, I am not thinking about work, or the East Coast, or pretty much anything at all, except for what a really, really wonderful place I live in.


  1. this just made me EVEN MORE EXCITED for next week than i already am!

  2. I'm going to come to Portland sometime. I swear! I hope.

  3. sam - SO SOON!!!

    allie - random story: the other day we kept passing billboards advertising en vogue coming to a local casino and i was like "OH MAN kathy we should GO!" and she was like "right but why should we actually spend a lot of money on en vogue" and i was like "because allie would think it was hilarious/amazing!" and she was like "well that's true."