Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet potato fries.

I love them. I was reminded of this when I had them at the Three Creeks Brewery in Sisters, Oregon this week on the mini-road-trip we took with my dad while he was visiting. Really I love any and all sweet potato fries - I can't recall ever having a bad batch - although the Orleans Fries we had at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire two summers ago do stand out when I try to rack through my sweet potato fries memories. Orleans Fries consist of a huge heap of sweet potato fries with brown sugar, Tabasco, and sour cream. Yeah. Done, and done.

Updates to this blog may be sporadic for the month of June, wherein we are entertaining various visitors for almost the entire month. My dad's visit kicked it all off and we had a great time; we have a few days of work until the next visitor, Miss Steph, arrives on Monday. I feel preemptively sad for when the month is over and we have to return to regular ol' life. But, at least since we will be doing lots of awesome things, I will eventually have lots of awesome things to write about.

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