Monday, June 15, 2009


The wonderful thing about this movie for me was that even though I had seen the trailer a few times, I still had no idea what in the world this movie was about, other than a guy's house floating into the air with a bunch of balloons. (And I wasn't quite sure how that would fill two hours.) So I'll try not to reveal too much about the plot, because sometimes it's kinda fun not knowing. I'll just say that this movie made me laugh and made me cry. To elaborate, it made me laugh a lot and it made me cry a lot and that to me is the perfect combination for quality entertainment. In addition to being funny and moving, it was also often just plain weird and kooky - mainly, when the dogs and birds came in the picture. Overall, I'd say it was the most creatively original movie I have seen in a year. Artistically, it was stunning - any shot with the ballons was completely beautiful. (Kathy and I also have a tradition of sitting through to the very end of the credits when we go to the movies, and this time I was floored at how many people it really takes to make an animated movie. Seriously. SO. MANY. NAMES.) It was also one of the most adult animated movies I have ever seen. In particular, I keep remembering one scene (slight spoiler alert) where the old man, Carl, inadvertently hurts the guy on the street over his mailbox and then runs inside his house, confused and scared at himself, and then shows up at the courthouse for his hearing, sad and lonely. With no dialogue, it showed a surprising amount of emotional complexity. Themes of the movie ran the gamut from true love, to following your dreams, to friendship, to bad parenting, to being disappointed by your idols, to respect for all creatures, to what happens when one becomes obsessed with others' opinions of them over their own, to the confusing and frail human experience of growing old.

Kathy & I discussed on the way home how shockingly good Disney-Pixar movies are every time. How even though Dreamworks movies such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda are definitely enjoyable, they can't even compete when it comes to the level of quality in the animation and writing. And I think I can boil it down to this: those are good animated movies, but these Disney-Pixar movies to me are simply films. And even though I know it won't be, just as Wall-E should have been included last year, I think Up should be nominated for this year's Best Picture.

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  1. I saw this movie this weekend and LOVED it. And I saw it in 3D! I was telling Mom last night how the old man vaguely reminded me of Grandpa, in that he was old and grumpy and became even grumpier after his wife died. Anyway, it was awesome.