Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson.

Okay. So I know you are probably overly media saturated with news about Michael Jackson, his debt, his kids, his life, etc by now. But I actually haven't been, because I've spent the last week working a lot and then freaking out about school/my life when I haven't been working a lot, and so haven't been paying much attention. I have heard, however, some pretty offensive jokes about him made at work the day after he died, and overall a bunch of people complaining about all the attention he's getting when he hasn't been popular for years and is in general just a weird freakazoid. And so since this is my blog and I can say how I really feel (as opposed to just laughing kind of awkwardly at the offensive jokes so as to not make a scene at work), I feel the need to give my opinion.

Michael Jackson is awesome, and always will be. Yeah, he was weird. Like, really weird. And you would be too, if you had his life. I personally believe he had a pure, sad soul that just constantly wanted to be a kid and couldn't be. Regardless, his personal life doesn't matter, in my opinion. What matters is that he was the biggest pop icon of our generation.

I've heard people say "Yeah, well he had some good songs in 80s," or "Geez, I didn't know he was still so popular." 1) He did not just have good songs in the 80s. His songs in the 80s defined our generation of pop music & continue to do so. People who say his songs didn't are probably the same sort who say the Beatles were overrated. These people either just don't understand pop culture or have an annoying underlying need to be different or indie or something. The Beatles' created modern pop music; Michael Jackson was the biggest thing since the Beatles', and it doesn't matter if you particularly like either, that's just the way it is. 2) Because of that, he was, still is, and will always be popular. If he lived a full life, he would have continued to sell out megaconcerts in minutes until the day he died. When I re-listen to songs like Beat It, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, just confirms it even more. The man was a genius.

In addition, any revolutionary knows how to adapt to change and somehow preemptively know what the next big thing will be and throw themselves into it. Which is exactly what MJ did with Thriller and MTV. Sure, MTV is crap now, but MTV isn't really the point; now it's just all about YouTube. We're a visual, media driven society obsessed with short-clip-thrills, and Thriller is really what started it all. Will there ever be anything as epic and widely known as the Thriller video? Alright, maybe November Rain comes close, but that's it.

On a personal note, Kathy always attests that the moment She Knew For Sure About Me was one morning way back when at a breakfast outing with friends in Boston, Man in the Mirror came over the radio, which Lord help me just makes me so happy every time I hear it, and I sang along/kind of danced along ridiculously to the entire thing. (Make that change.) So there you have it. Michael Jackson brought us together, and made my life a better place. So thank you, Michael, & I hope you find peace.

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  1. I do love MJ, but sadly working in the news has made me loathe hearing about his death. but i will say that I went to an 80's dance party a few days after he died and they played so many songs by him. It was one of the best nights ever.