Friday, July 3, 2009

Por Que No? Taqueria.

Dear Por Que No Taqueria,

You will never be Anna's. For one, your ingredients are way too fresh and your dishes way too authentic. Also, you are totally not greasy enough to compare. In fact, you are really so different it's hard to even compare you at all, yet your names both have "taqueria" in them, and so it feels confusing. But I have quickly grown to love you in a separate-from-Anna's way, and this is why.

1) Your Pollo Asado tacos are SO GOOD. Your Pollo Verde tacos are also real good. Seriously though, the asado. SO. SO. Good. It is happiness.
2) You have a fun name.
3) Your Hawthorne restaurant is full of really fun, bright, random decorations, all of which I love.
4) Your fun, bright, random decorations continue to the seating area out back which I just recently discovered, which feels very Southern-California-esque yet Portland-secluded-garden-y at the same time.
5) You always have an assortment of fresh fruity drinks in big jugs on the front counter which your employees scoop into glasses with big fun ladles, which are also ridiculously good. Your raspberry lemonade I had a month ago stole my heart.
6) You have a big table just for a crapload of hot sauces for the customers' choosing, including a crapload of homemade ones, even though I've hardly tasted any of them because the pollo tacos are perfect as they are, but I appreciate just having the hot sauces there.
7) That corner of lime you serve with the tacos - when squeezed over the pollo verdes? Sweet, glorious perfection.

That is mainly it. Every time I drive by you recently there is a big line curling outside the door and on to the sidewalk, and it makes me feel happy for you. You deserve it.



  1. oh my god, I want it so bad right now.

  2. so good. it shocked me when the taqueria actually served tacos. crazy.