Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Bends.

I wish it was the sixties
I wish I could be happy
I wish, I wish, I wish
something would happen

I have faithfully bought almost every Radiohead album over the last decade or so, but the truth is I haven't connected to one fully since OK Computer and The Bends, but the reason I keep buying them is because I like OK Computer and The Bends so, so, so much. Of the two, I know OK Computer is considered to be the better album and perhaps their career triumph, but I loved The Bends first. I keep wanting to say it was the first album I really loved, but that's just not true. Then I want to say it was the first album I really loved when I was really angsty - I bought it and listened to it non-stop in high school - but that's not really true, either. Perhaps I could say it was the first album I really loved when I was beginning to become the person I am now, but that would assume I knew who the person I am now is. Maybe I could truthfully say that really loving this album influenced my musical life thereafter. Yeah, I'll settle on that.

Yet like so many albums which have changed my life and which I still love with my whole heart, I couldn't remember the last time I listened to it. This changed last week when I was driving home one day and listening to KNRK during the 90's at Noon and they featured some songs from it, and I remembered. I remembered, holy crap I love this album. This album is, like, amazing. And since then, the actual song The Bends has been playing over and over somewhere in the back of my head, but I finally got out the actual album and realized how amazing the whole thing really is. Songs I had momentarily forgotten: High & Dry and Fake Plastic Trees (these should always be considered together); (nice dream); Just; Black Star and, although my CD is way too scratched to play through it, Street Spirit (fade out). And, okay, just the whole album. Mr. Thom Yorke, I feel like I don't understand you in the slightest & like I could never be your friend, yet you reside somewhere in some unknown part of me where we know each other very well, and unless I lose who I am completely you always will. I don't understand how this works, but it's the way it is.

This entry, by the way, is dedicated to Lou.

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  1. Did you know this is my favorite album of all time? Of course you did. Just... ditto to all of the above.