Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cranberries.

Oh, my life
is changing every day
in every possible way

When I was in the fifth grade I declared - and I'm sure I actually declared it somewhere in some embarrassing diary - that Dreams by the Cranberries was my favorite song of all time. Sometimes, when I hear it randomly now, I believe it still is.

I bought some of their newish albums as the years went on, but all I ever really want to hear are the first two: Everyone Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We? and No Need to Argue. The former isn't terribly remarkable except for the fact that it includes Dreams and Linger, both of which are extremely remarkable. No Need to Argue I love as a whole album and I used to listen to it like whoa back in the day. Seriously, like whoa. The first doo-doo-doo's that start off the album in Ode to my Family still give me chills. Every song on that album is good. There is something about Dolores O'Riordan's pretty, light-yet-angry Irish voice which is entirely magical, and unlike anything else I listen to. It transports me to another place, somewhere misty and romantic and Irish-y. When I hear that triumphantly-1990s swish of the first chords of Dreams in particular I always feel like I am inside of a My So-Called Life episode. Which means that I feel full of all the ridiculous, cheesy, dramatic, hopeful feelings of being a teenager, of being Not a Grown Up. And perhaps this is why it should always hold that daunting title that I captured in my fifth grade diary, my favorite song of all time.

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  1. love this album still,every song. and I've always thought that O'Riordan was the prettiest thing I have ever seen