Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Time to Kill.

The other day Kathy and I had a conversation wherein we discussed how, in A Few Good Men, "You can't handle the truth!" is the more infamous line but how obviously the best line is actually "You're goddamn right I did!!!"After talking for awhile about how ridiculous and scary Jack Nicholson is when he delivers this line, I questioned, "Doesn't he say something else angry-sounding after this line?" Kathy replied that she thought I was getting mixed up with Samuel L. Jackson in A Time to Kill when he says "And I hope they burn in hell!!!!!!" after saying "Yes they deserved to die!" and I of course knew she was completely right. And, since A Few Good Men is well known and recognized for being an amazing film, I knew I had to get on here and talk about A Time to Kill instead since I feel that it is, well, not well known and recognized for being an amazing film, when it IS.

I remember seeing this movie in the theaters in Scranton with my family and being absolutely terrified during the opening rape scene (still am), but loving the rest of it, and I continue to love it more as time goes on. The most important factor of course is the Southern-ness of this film, to completely exaggerated and amazing degrees, such as the intensity to which Matthew McConaughey and everyone else are constantly sweating. There is so much sweat in this movie. SO MUCH. Especially that scene when Matthew McConaughey and Ashley Judd are on the kitchen floor in their house, you know the one, and they're all in white tank tops, sweatin' the hell out of that joint. Then there is Samuel L. Jackson, being real angry and righteous (and sweaty), and any role which has Samuel L. Jackson not being real angry and righteous is misguided. There is Kevin Spacey being a big Southern racist jerkface, and Kiefer Sutherland being a big Southern racist hick. There is the inexperienced-lawyer-with-big-ideals-rising-up-to-beat-them-all storyline, with help from the old-wisened-lawyer-mentor and all. There is the triumphant ending of the races coming together and doing the right thing and having their children all play together, God bless America! There is Sandra Bullock, getting kidnapped by the KKK!

Seriously! This movie is amazing. Seriously.

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  1. I am totally laughing out loud now at your description of the sweating. Mostly because I watched this movie just the other day on TNT or something, and yeah, the sweating is ridiculous. I mean geez you do sweat alot in the south but they do have air conditioning in most places. Like the courthouse. So you probably wouldn't be sweating so much.

    But anyway my personal favorite line from A Few Good Men is when Tom Cruise says, "It doesn't matter what I believe! It only matters what I can prove" which I think sums up legal practice in a nutshell. And the best line in A Time to Kill is obviously "Now picture she's white." Incidentally, Matthew McConaughey is sweating a whole lot when he says it.