Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Striped shirts.

So I swear it hasn't been done consciously, but 85% of the shirts I've bought for myself over the last two or three years have been horizontally striped, in all widths and colors. I didn't realize this until I really looked at my closet one day and said, "Holy crap! I have a lot of striped shirts. Is that weird?" After I took this picture I realized there was at least one more long sleeved striped shirt in the dirty laundry, and that I own at least two striped sweaters, too. Upon further reflection, I'm pretty sure striped sweaters made up a good portion of my middle school closet, and does this mean I should be worried about my fashion sense/inability to grow up? Also, Kathy and I spent a good portion of today shopping for our upcoming vacation/weddings on the East Coast we're attending, and although I actually did buy a good amount of things I actually needed, I couldn't resist buying one more - guess! - striped shirt from Old Navy.

In related news, I know malls are supposed to stand for all that's wrong/annoying with our current frivolous, soulless culture, but ya know, spending a day at the mall with Kathy is pretty much one of my very favoritest things in the world, anyway. God bless it, but spending lots of money with the one you love on goods made in Asia in blasting air conditioning feels so good.

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  1. you did wear a lot of striped shirts in Boston as well. i used to have an insane amount of polo shirts, but i think i've worn most of them out...