Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain boots.

I am an increasingly big fan of things which are extremely simple and remarkably efficient. In fact as a society we could all use much more of them. And one of those things are rain boots. The Northwest is notorious for being rainy - in fact, as a kid growing up on the East Coast, this is pretty much all I ever learned about the Northwest, that it rains a lot, which seems slightly weird/funny to me now - but the truth is most of the time it's this light, drizzly rain that is often so constant during the fall and winter that one almost doesn't notice it after awhile. However, this morning when we took Toby out for his morning walk it was a certifiable downpour, almost akin to a thunderstorms-in-the-South kind of downpour. Well, not really like that, because it wasn't muggy and magical, just shocking and cold. My sneakers and socks quickly became soaked and my jeans commenced that awful mysterious event wherein as soon as the cuffs were wet the water immediately traveled upwards until I was soaked up to my knees. If there is one thing I really do NOT like, it is this walking-in-jeans-in-the-rain phenomena. So before heading back outside again on my way to class, my eyes alighted on my rain boots and I said, "Hey! Now there's a good idea." And let me tell you, they are. Wearing rain boots almost feels like a joyous adventure to me. Every time I walk right through a puddle and don't feel ANYTHING I feel practically giddy. Even if it is raining all day, my feet and my pants are bone dry when I come home. It is amazing. Also, they often come in an array of fun designs and bright colors, they are comfortable (I did a lot of walking today and didn't even get a blister), and often they are real cheap. If only everything in life was that awesome.


  1. dear jill these rainboots look adorable (pronounced using spanish phoenetics), may i request another photo of them in the light? me want to see them better soooooooo baddddddd!!!!!!

  2. oh now i read your post and me like it very much! a walk with toooooby. how lovely. i say everything in life CAN be as awesome as rainboots, starting NOW!!!!

  3. it took me 5 years of living here to realize the key to happiness is being waterproof and warm from October- May.
    Cute rubber boots are the best.