Friday, November 20, 2009

These Five Blues Traveler Songs.

1. But Anyway
2. Hook
3. Most Precarious
4. Christmas
5. Runaround

Okay, alright, so I have a distinct feeling that for some reason talking about Blues Traveler is one of the most uncool things one can talk about, but the other day while driving home from work I was listening to KINK, who were doing this thing where they were playing their entire collection from A-Z by song, and overall this had been producing strings of really awful songs or really great songs, and they happened to be on M and they happened to be playing Most Precarious when I got in the car, which I probably hadn't heard for five years, but I was suddenly so glad to hear it again! And alright, check it, these five songs are awesome, okay. Also, if you haven't heard #4, it is their Christmas song which is on A Very Special Christmas 3, and which may be my all time favorite contemporary Christmas song, but I can't really gush too much about how much I love it because it's not Thanksgiving yet and I adhere to very strict no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving rules, but once it is past Thanksgiving you better believe there will be an entry about the A Very Special Christmas CD series because my family listened to that business ALL. THE. TIME. Also, I'm sorry I have hardly updated this blog, but this semester has been very very hectic and draining. In conclusion, every single one of these Blues Traveler songs is suh-weet and you will never convince me otherwise, thank you goodnight.

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  1. Jill, I love you.= for posting this. And Four is one amazing album, and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. That dude rocks that harmonica like nobody's business.