Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Okay, FOR REALS, twenty years from now, this will be the one Christmas song from our generation that still matters. This is not just the perfection of the Christmas pop song, this is one of the best pop songs I have ever heard in general. Its infectiousness cannot be stopped! Yeah that's right indie kid, you think it's catchy and can't help loving it too, and not even in an ironic way! From its spare dramatic beginning to its classic fade out end, it is perfect. It is like candy! Sweet, Christmas-y, 1990's Mariah Carey-filled candy!


  1. everytime I hear this song I think about when Andie and I signed it with HOE.

  2. I definitely paid $1.29 for this song to be the ringtone on my iPhone.

  3. I was just talking about this song (while listening to it, obvi), and how it's the only modern xmas song that's really caught on and will be sticking around long after we're gone. So unexpectedly awesome! Way to go, Mariah.