Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jiffy Lube #1006, Powell Blvd

Yeah, that's right, my first post of 2010 is about Jiffy Lube. But listen, our local Jiffy Lube is awesome, or rather, the people who work there are. Especially Ramon! Oh man, do we love Ramon. Just believe me when I say he is amazing. In general going there is always a satisfying customer experience: the workers are jolly and seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs (somehow), they all work well together, and they never treat us like we are young women who know practically nothing about cars (which we are) or pressure us too much to buy services we don't want.

One of the reasons Portland has become dear to my heart is the sense of community I feel, and I am increasingly interested in the idea of community in general. It's a city and so can't compete with the sense of community of my tiny hometown, but is much greater than I ever experienced in Boston. I have a local physician, dentist, and eye doctor in Portland (all of whom I love), I support local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops and often recognize the workers in them, customers from Kathy's work recognize her and wave hello to us when we are walking our dog, we really love our vet, I often read stories in The Oregonian about places we have been to or people I recognize, and I love the guys at our Jiffy Lube. These are all small things, but as someone who has lived here for a relatively short amount of time they make me feel like I have connections to my neighborhood, my town, short but comforting roots, and I like them.

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  1. I totally get this! It really seems like a Portland thing, and I love it.