Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Is It.

So as soon as we started watching this movie, Kathy and I asked each other, "Why didn't we see this in theaters??" because within minutes we knew it was going to be AMAZING. Fools, fools are we. And okay, so here's the thing. Here is the general view of MJ and his life: Successful yet simultaneously tragic childhood; amazingly talented, influential and prolific career in the 80's and early 90's; descent into personal weirdness any time after that. Yet, although I know the personal weirdness was still there, this film shows him SO ON TOP OF HIS GAME. It was almost shocking. Just before his death, when we all probably assumed he was on various drugs in a general decaying sense of health, he was good. He could sing, he could dance - his moonwalk was exactly the freaking same! - and he still seemed to care passionately about every little thing he was doing. Half of the stuff he was planning for this concert made me chuckle, but in a kind of amazed way, because it was so very typically MJ: Completely, utterly over the top. Crazy, ridiculous, dramatic. Yet the reason why it worked and why he is such a legend is because he did everything over the top in such a meticulous, genuine way. He was involved in every aspect and needed everything to be PERFECT. On a personal level, I feel like the film showed everything I have previously voiced about him: Did he live in a somewhat distorted bubble? Yes. Did he have an evil bone in his body? Nah. On a professional level, the man was a genius - like, a real class act - up until the end and there is something so comforting about that. That even after the life Michael Jackson had, you can still LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and NEED TO DO IT REALLY WELL. I don't doubt it probably would have been the world's greatest concert ever. I couldn't make myself dwell too much while I watched on the reality that this of course would all end up never-to-be, not just for Michael but for all the dancers and producers and artists involved who were so thrilled and involved and just in it, because if I did I knew it would just make me too sad.

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