Monday, April 26, 2010

Checking the mail.

At our apartment here in Portland, we have this rickety metal box outside our front door that makes a really satisfyingly loud screech and clunk when the mail-lady/mailman (who all walk around our neighborhood with adorable hats on which we also really adore) plunks in our mail. When I'm home during the day and am lucky enough to hear this wonderful noise, I wait for a respectable minute, then run to the door. I always feel slightly disappointed when it is just junk, but as wasteful as it is it is still more satisfying than nothing. In fact, even when there's nothing there, the hope of those few seconds when I open the screen door that there might be something, that there might be some random envelopes and slips of paper confirming, "You live here, you have a place in the world, and people in the world that will send you crap at that place," is still my favorite time of the day.


  1. hahaha! I feel the same way when we get the mail! I also love going to my parent's house cause they're mailbox is down the street and my niece and nephew love getting the mail. They can't wait until my dad gets home so they can all walk to the mailbox together and check it. It's so cute.

  2. hey jill, I have an idea! Give me your address, and then you guys can get some mail from japan....

  3. I LOVE GETTING THE MAIL. I've loved it since I used to get it when we got off the bus after school. The one thing that bothered me the most about my old roommate in DC (and there were alot of things) is that not only did she never check the mail, she would never even OPEN the mail that I brought in the house for her. It was ridiculous! Also Dave stopped checking his mail for so long that the mailman thought he moved! I don't understand. Checking the mail is the best part of the day! And I even say that now that most of my mail is bills.