Friday, May 7, 2010

Four Movies I've Liked Recently.

1. More Than a Game
Kathy and I watched this awhile ago in order to get over college basketball season being over and UNC sucking a whole lot of doody this year, and what a good decision it was, although I shouldn't be surprised that I liked it so much because pretty much any sports documentary will make me cry. This is obvious being that 10 minute pieces on ESPN make me cry. Give me a story about a tough life story and how picking up a basketball (or hockey puck, or baseball bat, or soccer ball) made it better, and set some dramatic music to it, and I am done for. And when these documentaries are done well, they are just really, really good, a la Hoop Dreams, which I saw too long ago to adequately describe but which I remember being pretty much floored by, and which deserves its own entry, someday. This movie follows Lebron James and his high school teammates, and the highlight of the tearfest of this one for us was when, during Lebron James's high school senior night, after everyone else has walked out with their mom and/or dad, he walks out arm in arm with his teammates. BECAUSE THEY ARE HIS FAMILY! Gah!

2. The Blind Side.
Guess what's even better than sports documentaries? Sports movies! Based on true events! They are amazing! I am such a sucker for all of them! I knew I would like this movie a lot, and I did. The end. Also, I love Sandra Bullock and nobody best be givin' her any crap 'round me, aight. Also, I dismiss the white-hero-saving-the-downtrodden-black-man criticism for this one. Because 1) the issue is addressed in the movie; 2) it's a true story, and a good one, so it's not just like some guilt-ridden white person decided to write a touching screenplay, at least, not completely; 3) this is a very legitimate criticism about art/stories/the media overall that I do take seriously. But if you cry foul every time, it makes it seem offensive for any person of a different race to do good things for any person of another race ever, which is just too cynical for me, and everything becomes increasingly separate and the opposite of what we should all be striving for.

3. It's Complicated.
Kathy and I consumed a lot of wine during the viewing of this, which we don't do that much anymore, and which accordingly made us downright silly throughout. Although let's be honest, wine or no wine, I will watch absolutely anything with Meryl Streep in it, and I will like it. However, the wine probably did contribute to our perhaps overly-zealous amusement during the scene in which Alec Baldwin exhales pot smoke directly into John Krasinski's mouth, during which we truly almost both peed our pants, and which should probably be marked as one of the finest scenes in cinematic history.

4. How to Train Your Dragon.
So Kathy had heard good things about this and convinced me to go, and admittedly since I always like going to the movies no matter what the film I didn't need much convincing, but I was pretty much expecting an okay-but-entertaining Shrek-ish type two hours, especially when we were the only ones without children in the theater. But OH MAN. OH. MAN. As the credits started to roll I turned to Kathy and said, "That was FANTASTIC," and rarely do I feel the need to use the word "fantastic" and so emphatically. In addition to the characters being well developed and the writing being real good in my opinion, this was plain and simple one of the best and most fun action movies I have seen in a long time. For the entire second half I was pretty much glued to the edge of my seat, and there is one scene where the boy and his dragon are falling straight into this huge ball of fire where I actually might have gasped out loud in awe of its, well, awesomeness. Go see this movie! It was fantastic!

In summary: I really like sports movies, kids' cartoons, and romantic comedies about old people. This makes me a combination of a 13 year old boy and a 50 year old woman. Which sounds about right.

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  1. I'm going to add It's Complicated to Netflix, I was hoping it was good.
    And I want that dragon as a pet. I don't think it would eat Fila.