Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vinny T's.

So Allie Yantz totally ruined both Kathy's and my day today when she texted us to inform us that Vinny T's was closed. As in, Vinny T's, delicious Boston family-style Italian restaurant chain. As in, the Vinny T's on Boylston Street, since we were ALREADY heartbroken last year when we visited Boston for the Marathon and discovered that the Vinny T's in Brookline, the one we most often frequented, was closed and replaced by some BBQ place or something. After a quick venture onto their website, it looks like they have a few other locations in the outskirts/the 'burbs of Boston, and I am too lazy to do further research to determine whether they are still open or not, but it matters not since there are no longer any IN Boston and the chain is called Vinny T's OF BOSTON, for cripes' sake. Anyway, anyway. Talking about it is making me angsty, so let's talk about the good times.
  • I feel like Kathy and I frequented the Brookline Vinny T's, off of the C-line on Beacon Ave at the Tappan Street stop across from the Star Market, somewhat often in the beginnings of our relationship five years ago. We always shared the spaghetti and meatballs, as shown above, and every time we said to each other, "Spaghetti and meatballs, really? It's so boring," and then we got it again, because it was good.
  • That bread with the whole roasted garlic clove sitting in a big dish of olive oil!
  • The walnut, pear, & gorgonzola salad. Applebee's, and probably an assortment of other restaurants, have this same salad, but it don't matter, baby, because Vinny T's was better.
  • How Steve Lewis always always called it "Vinny Testa's."
  • Speaking of Steve Lewis, when we ate outside at the Back Bay/Boylston Street one in the summer of 2006 when Steve's sister Erin came into town.
  • Speaking of the summer of 2006, when Steve, Sam, Kim, Cliff, and Kathy and myself ate at the Brookline one for our "triple date."
  • Still speaking of 2006, I also believe we had a big graduation dinner there with a bunch of our families--Sam's, Kim's, Kathy's, mine? maybe?--after we graduated from Emerson College. Or maybe it was lunch. My memory is apparently shaky on this one, but I'm sure it was an important meal, as the meal after you graduate from college inevitably is. Or something.
  • How absolutely humong-o the take-out portions were.
  • Getting a chocolate chip cannoli for dessert, which of course could never come close to the chocolate chip cannoli's from Mike's, but still, anywhere where it is even possible to get a chocolate chip cannoli for dessert is pretty special. Come to think of it, I have not eaten a chocolate chip cannoli, or been at an establishment where I could, since moving to Oregon.
  • That time in 2009 when we visited Boston for the Marathon and were devastated by the Brookline Vinny T's being closed, but so instead met Allie Yantz for dinner at the Boylston Street one, and were completely surprised by John Tee showing up, who is awesome, and it was awesome.
Their fancy-ish-yet-casual atmosphere and huge family-style portions also made me think recently when wedding brainstorming that it would be a great place to have a rehearsal dinner with our families when our wedding crashes Boston in 2012. But, GUESS NOT, now. Way to ruin our wedding, Weak Economy. Way - to - go.

R.I.P. Vinny T's of Boston: sometimewheneveritwasfounded - 2010.

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  1. DEVASTATING! also, it was going to be a graduation lunch at normal lunchtime, but I think it didn't open until 4 or something on that day, so we had a late lunch/early dinner.