Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iced tea.

I've never been a big soda person, and when eating out, I try to be good and stick with water. But sometimes, I can't resist a good iced tea. (Or a good beer, but that's another post.) I do declare that there is NOTHING that cures thirst like a freshly brewed unsweetened iced tea. But I pretty much like all kinds. And when I say like I actually mean love. No more holding back: I love iced tea! Here's a list of my faves:

1) Queen's Iced Tea at Stumptown. Well, when I first moved here it was called Queen's Iced Tea, but recently I've been seeing it labeled as Thyme Iced Tea. Which for me ruins the fun mystery of the unique flavor. Guess what! It's thyme! Boring. Anyway, Stumptown usually leaves out a nice big jar of honey, and I love drizzling honey in the lattice-style that was drilled into me during my time at Starbucks, right over the top of the ice and then plopping the top back on and letting it seep down. This may be the best iced tea I have ever tasted. It is seriously delicious, people, and seriously refreshing.
2) The sweet tea from Pine State Biscuits. Really, any sweet tea (when made proper Southern style) is good. I'll admit I even like McDonalds' version. Sweet tea = always a good idea! But Pine State's always seems especially authentic and good.
3) Honest Tea, pictured above. As far as bottled-packaged iced tea goes, there is something about Honest Tea that I am currently addicted to. Many nights freshman year of college at Emerson in the LB I remember chugging SoBe Green Tea, which tastes impossibly sweet and gross to me now, and which also kept me up all night and made me feel kind of crazy, but it was what I craved. (Who knows what SoBe puts in any of their drinks. Eck.) Years later, I've matured in my educational iced tea addictions; Honest Tea is getting me through grad school. I have purchased countless bottles from my favorite convenience store at Portland State.
4) Paradise Iced Tea, available at the Cheesecake Factory and also locally at Pizzicato, although I feel like it tastes better/fancier at the Cheesecake Factory because everything tastes better/fancier at the Cheesecake Factory. So tropical, so refreshing!
5) Any peach, mango, or mint flavored iced tea is always a good bet, pretty much anywhere, even when I know it's just made with some sugary syrup, such as at Pizzeria Uno's or Dunkin. For bottled, Tazo's Giant Peach is particularly delicious.
6) Starbucks' Green Iced Tea: venti with only 2-3 pumps of their Classic sweetener. (Normally in a venti they would put in six pumps, people. But 2-3 is perfect.) I'm also a fan of the Passion Iced Tea, but because its tart sweetness is such an intense flavor I have to be in the mood for it. And although I labeled it Starbucks just now, all of their tea is Tazo, yet another awesome Portland company. (I like making homebrewed sun tea with a bunch of packets of their Refresh combined with a couple of packets of Wild Sweet Orange, as well.)

Holy crap, am I thirsty now.

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  1. I loved Pine State's sweet tea! And it's a good thing you don't drink Sobe's green tea anymore. Check this out, might be why it tastes so sweet.