Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Runway.

I don't watch much reality TV, with the exception of a Real World every now and then in the '90s (before MTV's ruin), and the very important and big exception of Project Runway. Which is, of course, one of the best shows of all time. I usually get antsy after watching a couple of hours of TV or movies (ask Kathy), but I feel like I could watch Project Runway forrrreeeeevvvvver. It sucks me into its fashion vortex and it's hard to escape it. It has enough cattiness to make it entertaining, but still stays on a far higher rung than the rest of reality TV in terms of classiness: it's not about who's sleeping with who but is about an actual innovative and interesting artform and people's talents. Being that it's now in the 8th season I have a hard time remembering all of my & Project Runway's good times, but here's a list of my favorites from the show:

1) Tim Gunn. DUH. Tim Gunn has to be number one. My love for Tim Gunn is neverending, limitless, freeflowing. He is one of the loveliest men on the planet, and whenever he laughs my gut is filled with warm happy feelings. And when he is angry it is SO BADASS and always deserved. There was one bitch a season or two ago who kept talking smack about Tim Gunn, and I should say there is a difference between not necessarily wanting to take his advice and talking smack, and talking smack makes me want to rush my face to the TV and shout, "Oh no you di'nnnnnn't." You did, but you SHOULDN'T.
2) Chris March from Season 4. You know, the big, flamboyant costume designer with the fabulous laugh. Everything about him was fabulous.
3) Stella from Season 5, mainly just for this clip above. "Everything is LEATHA." So good.
4) Anthony Williams from Season 7. A sassy black gay fashion designer from Atlanta. What more do you need to know?
5) Ping, also from Season 7 because she was so wacky and kooky. I always love the wacky and kooky ones. Although when I looked up YouTube videos for her I found this one of her crying when she was kicked off and I remembered that horrible partner competition show where her partner, whatever his name was, was SO MEAN TO HER and it was SO SAD because I LOVE PING! OMG it made me cry.
6) Santino from Season 2. One because his Tim Gunn impression was amazing, and two because one of the first things I watched of Project Runway was him basically being a douche to everybody, and then when Tim visits him at home, he was all of a sudden this really sensitive soul and it was mindblowing.
7) Christian Siriano from Season 4. Ooobviously. Everybody loves him, and I do too. His fierceness never got old.
8) All the guest judges. Always so random.
9) Heidi, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia. I really don't like when they are downright mean (which I haven't seen that often, but sometimes, especially in later seasons), but I loooove when they are sassy. Especially Nina. Nina Garcia, you are so badass.

Who's to say what will happen this season, but I hope Mondo and Valerie stay on as long as possible. And although I like the occasional cattiness, the everybody-being-mean-to-Michael-C. thing is so irritating to me. Yeah, you don't like him or his clothes, whatever, grow up and stop being meanies. Cattiness is entertaining; meanies are just annoying.

There is probably more I could say, but my brain feels tired from trying to do all that remembering from 8 seasons. So all I'll say is, Project Runway gives you great advice for all things in life: the cards you get dealt suck sometimes, but in the end you have to make it work.

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