Sunday, October 24, 2010

Having a roof over my head.

Today was a classic Northwest fall type day, full of absolute downpours broken up by seemingly illogical spouts of bright blue sun before more downpours commenced, and I was lucky enough to not have many obligations at all. So I spent the day trying to accomplish things haphazardly. Kathy made pancakes, I did the dishes, I read the paper a bit, tried to do homework, read a book for awhile, took Toby on a walk, went online for awhile, tried to do more homework. All the while I felt grateful for warm pajamas, for our animals, for our kitchen and our couch and our TV and just the general space to shuffle around in, to feel comfortable, and safe. It's true, my parents help me pay my rent, and probably will until I'm done with grad school and can find a good job. It's true, I'm so poor that Kathy is currently paying half of my bills. But while I have those people at my side, I can still have this roof over my head. And a lot of people can't. And so, I'm grateful. Because it is good.

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