Saturday, October 16, 2010


To be honest I don't find the food selection of Sonic to be that much to write home about in terms of fast food fare (with the exception of the breakfast burritos! Mmmm, simple yet satisfyingly hearty breakfast burritos!), but we all know what makes this place so darn wonderful. The drinks, the drinks! Especially during the 2-4 happy hour! But really anytime!

The drink selection options are so numerous that the awesomeness overwhelms you. When you drive in to a Sonic, there are two menus that surround your car: one to the left with food and basic drink options, and then one to the right full of even more unhealthy drink and dessert drink (shakes, ice cream concoctions, smoothies, etc) options. I often look at this dessert drink menu and stare slack jawed at all the pretty and sugary possibilities for a few minutes, in dumbfounded and indecisive awe. Therein lies the beauty of the drive in, of course, since being that no one will take my order until I press that neat flashing red button on the menu screen, no one will care if I sit dumbly in my car for five minutes trying to decide which beverage I want. No pressure is such a beautiful thing! Anyway, here's my list of the best stuff:

2. Creamslushes. I usually opt for the orange. Orange creamsicle in drinkable form, um, yes please.
3. Cream pie shakes. What? I've only gotten one of these once or twice, but I just really like knowing that the option is there. Cream pie shake. Beautiful.
4. That crushed ice. Crushed ice makes it every time.

In addition to the drinks, the relative scarcity of Sonics are really what make them so appealing. Back when I lived in Boston, we used to see Sonic commercials on TV all the time with nary a Sonic around. It was hauntingly cruel, and we always used to discuss how delicious it looked, and we could only amuse ourselves by imagining what it might be like to actually be able to taste that deliciousness. Thankfully we moved to the land of milk and honey, the West, translated in the 21st century to the land of In and Out and More Available Sonics. There are quite a few around the Portland metro area, but still none close enough to our actual apartment that going there still has a somewhat exotic appeal. We usually stop at one if possible when heading out of or back into town during a vacation or some such other trip, and so it has that heightened special status that I assign to all things related to road trips.

In fact, when we drove across country from Boston to here, there was one day--I believe when we were meandering through the wild, strange lands of Wyoming and Idaho--that we just happened to keep going past them, and we kept being thirsty, so we stopped at three separate Sonics in one day.

It was a glorious day, my friends.


  1. two words: tator tots. delicious

  2. Sometimes, if I'm having a bad "mommy day" in which Sookie will not let me put her down for two seconds, I call my mom to come watch her. I then hop in my car, go to Sonic, always before 2 and 4 of course to save money (ha!), order a yummy drink (usually diet coke with lemon, or vanilla), sit in my car and catch up on emails and phone calls.