Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweetness Bakery.

(photo from sweetness-bakery.com)

Sweetness is tucked into this strange little soulless-looking mini-mall type thing at the corner of SE 52nd and Powell, but when you walk in, BAM, it is the coziest, cutest, most welcoming place in the world, and the counter is CHOCK FULL of DELICIOUS SWEET THINGS. I took this photo from their website, but they're not doctoring it up - that is literally always what their counter looks like. And everything is so good. So good! In addition to pastries they also have breakfast items, a few sandwiches made with homemade challah bread (one of which I had for lunch today), and pretty yummy brunch specials on the weekends. It's a bummer we won't be holding our wedding in Oregon, because I'd have them make our wedding cake in a second.

Beyond their delicious food, there are a few reasons I like this place.
1) The homey, country-ish decor kind of makes me feel like I am in
Stars Hollow, and the truth is I am at my happiest/most comfortable in a place when it makes me feel like I am in Stars Hollow.
2) Since it's so close to our apartment, going there makes me feel like I am supporting my local neighborhood (Foster-Powell), and they in turn are very into supporting the neighborhood right back. Community association meetings for the 'hood are held there monthly, and at the few neighborhood parties/fairs we've gone to, they are always there. Even though it's one of the least glamorous, least hip 'hoods in the city, I have actually grown to fiercely love Foster-Powell, and plan to continue highlighting some of its hidden gems on this here bloggy blog.
3) It's run by a mother-daughter pair, which is adorable in itself, but is extra-awesome since they are super nice and great (at least the daughter, who I'm pretty sure is the one I see the most when I'm there). They are friendly and genuine and the whole place has an air of complete un-pretentiousness. Believe me, Portland is a city never lacking in abundance of cool, local, independent coffee shops/cafes, but finding an un-pretentious one is a much rarer feat.

Next unrealistic life goal: Be a "full time writer," that elusive position that some people somehow have, and be able to spend time in places like Sweetness, pretending I'm in Stars Hollow, for hours every day.

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