Friday, December 31, 2010

The East Coast.

Dear EC,

I like your big cities. I like your rolling hills. I like your diversity. I like your pine trees and fall leaves. I like your rudeness (most of the time); I like your sass. I like your variety of hip hop stations. I like your snow and miserable winters; your humid summers. (Okay, like is a relative word. I mean "like" to mean, "these things give you character.") I like your historical markers. I like your old brick and cracked sidewalks. I like your efficiency. I like your sprawl; I like your density. I like your flat, salty, overcrowded coastline. I like your overpriced, pretentious universities, your cynical yet educated masses. I like your political power. I like New England, I like the South, I like the Mid-Atlantic. I like your people. You are home.

Dear WC,

I like your craggy mountains and your rocky coastline; I like the incredible variety of your landscapes. I like your innovative, clean, progressive cities. I like your friendliness, your propensity towards healthy lifestyles. I am particularly now invested in the community of Portland: its growth and urban development and economic health; its beer and food; its children. Something about your wide, majestic beauty overall, WC, fulfills something deep within me, some searching part of myself which has been wandering around in my veins since I was a teenager, the part of me which listened to California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas on repeat during East Coast winters in high school and really felt it. You are beautiful. I will always be dreaming of returning to you, of finding you, even when I'm here. But there is something inherently selfish about this. Selfish isn't always necessarily bad, but, there it is.

The bottom line:

My family is on the East Coast, my history is there, and therein lies my heart.

It will always be the one.


  1. opposite...but i feel ya, love

  2. The only problem I have with both coasts is that there is way to much middle keeping us apart. No matter which coast I'm on, I miss the other.
    Fingers crossed that airfare will always be reasonable.