Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Even though I am already pining for warmer weather (yes, at the same time that I am complaining on Twitter that I'm jealous of all the snow on the East Coast--I just want something other than constant cold rain, people), I do have to say that I am a fan of cold weather clothes. I am pretty much in love with my winter boots. They are comfortable and warm and orange and have the slightest bit of a heel and hence make me feel fancy. Insult them and I may have to punch you in the face. I have also always been a fan of sweaters, so much so that I fear my wardrobe now pretty closely resembles my wardrobe from middle school, full of dark green and maroon sweaters from B. Moss.

But, as you can see from this photo above (which shows off my top notch graphic numbering skillz), my favorite part are SCARVES. SCARVES ARE SO AWESOME. A list of my faves:

1) A gift from my sister a few years ago, not only is this scarf super neon green, but it is the widest, thickest, and warmest of all of my scarves, and my go-to for really cold weather. Being able to wrap that baby around most of my face during early morning walks with Toby around the neighborhood is a blessing.
2) Bought in Pittsburgh when we visited Sam M. one fall and were unaware of how freaking cold it would be there, I wear this a LOT. It is super soft and I love all the colors in it.
3) There's actually three scarves smooshed in the middle here: an assortment of scarves made by my mom, who is insanely talented in all things. She made ALL of my siblings' and my clothes when we were kids; she made my prom dresses...making scarves is like, psssshhh, for her. There's one that's hidden between the two orange scarves which I've had for a long time and which has gotten massively stretched out, but I kind of like it that way--I can wrap it around my neck a bunch or just let it hang really long and believe I'm making some kind of fashion statement.
4) So, I think this one was just bought at Old Navy or something, but, I really like orange. This is kind of a skinny scarf, so I wear it less for warmth factor, more for I-am-just-in-the-mood-for-orange-today factor.
5) This beige-with-glitters scarf was a gift from Shelby a long time ago, and is a shorty short scarf, which I assume you are supposed to be able to wrap around your neck in some kind of fashionable way (like a puffier, prettier ascot). I have no idea what this way is, but I try sometimes. I'm pretty sure it always looks silly, but I pretend it looks awesome.
6) Hiding in the corner, this is also a gift from my sister (who has good taste!), and is less a winter-cold-weather scarf and more of a silky-from-India-made-to-go-along-with-an-outfit scarf, which makes me feel fancy that I own one of those kinds of things. There's quite a lot of fabric though so it's actually still quite warm, and if you could see it better, you'd see how lovely it is and how it's full of every beautiful bright color there ever was.

In fact, especially since the classroom I've been teaching in is usually quite cold, most of the time I leave my scarf on all day, which not only keeps me a little warmer, but also fashionably (maybe) covers up my fat stomach so I don't have to suck it in as much. Double win!

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