Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Five songs.

Even though my eardrums are still normally ringing with mostly Beach House and Mumford & Sons these days, here are five other tunes which have been tickling my fancy.

1. Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap
This song has been played on a few car commercials, as well as a bunch of TV shows and movies, which would probably be the epitome of being sold out, but oh well. I still love this song to DEATH. I have listened to it hundreds of times and still think it's just as cool each time I listen to it, which is pretty remarkable. Talk about epic. The pulsing beat and melody throughout the whole thing just begs to be the soundtrack to awesome things. Hence, I like to picture it being the soundtrack of my life when I listen to it, if my life involved a lot more exciting stuff.

2. Rolling in the Deep, Adele
Phew, mama, this song gives me chills from the first note she sings. (The official video by the way can be watched here; I cannot embed it due to the wonderful Vevo, whoever the hell they are.) Her voice, especially in the badass verses of this song, simply commands you to stop everything you're doing and listen. In my first few listens of this song I wasn't sure if the chorus was a little too much for me--a little trill, or something--but man, I loved those verses so much!--but now I love all of it, all of it. The lyrics are wonderful, too--so exquisitely angry and righteous. The background singers throughout the chorus add to all the layers of awesomeness of this song. Oh man. So much soul for a white British girl. Chills!

3. Treasury of We, Glasser
Like most of the songs on this list, this song is so layered and such an interesting journey. It starts out kind of trippy-sounding with cascading marimbas and her floating heavenly voice, then transitions into brief Enya-esque pulses of nonsensical chanting-type-singing, and then at about four minutes in a repetition of this line begins: We beat our heads against the wall we press our eyes into the ground, and while I can't tell you what the heck that means, what I can tell you is that I can't get enough of her singing it. It beats its way into my brain and I end up singing We beat our heads against the wall we press our eyes into the ground all day.

4. Tightrope, Janelle Monae
I can't embed the official videos for this, which is highly unfortunate, since they are so awesome they rock my socks off so emphatically that they fly off my feet and hit the wall. I say "videos" since there are two awesome versions of this song: the original by Janelle, and then the remix featuring B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco. The video for the original is the one that really rocks those socks of mine the hardest, although they are both thoroughly enjoyable. The dancing--the dancing! Even in my DREAMS I cannot be as beautiful and talented as this woman. Like "Rolling in the Deep," although they are extremely different songs, the verses are so fast-paced and awesome they reel you in from the first words and never let you go. Seriously, the awesomeness of this lady cannot be understated.

5. When I Find You, Joshua Radin
I'll end this with a sweet one. Kathy made me listen to this song because of a Naomily fan vid made by Rin (if you need a refresher on this terminology, see Fandom), and while it seemed nice, it also seemed kind of generic-folky-sappy, and while I do like generic-folky-sappy as a general rule, it's also easy for these to blend into the background a bit. However, after having numerous sing-along-sessions to this tune with Kathy in the car, it has grown on me a lot and, gosh darn it, has seeped into my bones. However, I do have to say that my world was just rattled because part of the charm of this song was my previously held belief of him being Australian (or some such nationality), a belief confirmed by my favorite line to sing along to: CAHN'T you see that when I find you, I find me. That is not the way Americans sing "can't," people. But Wikipedia just told me he was born in Ohio. OHIO. I don't know what game you're trying to play, Mr. Radin, but it's tricky and makes me feel suspicious. But, I'll let it go this time, since your song is really super nice.

(ETA: Upon further listening to this song, his "can't" sounds pretty much like a normal American "can't." Maybe I missed this because when I sing along to it I sing "CAHN'T YOU SEE" with such vigor that I can't hear the way he actually sings it? But where did I get this assumption? Did I just assume he was Australian because Rin is Australian and I associated the song with her even though I don't even know her? Which is way weird?! Also, did I just write almost two paragraphs about the pronunciation of one syllable, which in the scheme of a whole song really shouldn't matter? Why yes, yes I did. You're welcome.)

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