Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signs of spring: Magnolias.

I love magnolia trees! Magnolia trees are my favorite! I don't even care if the wonderful, soft, pink-white petals fall off relatively quickly, often quite suddenly after a cold Northwest rain, and soon make the sidewalks underneath where they stand a pink-ish brown, slippery, soft-petal bunch of mush. While they are still resting upon the branches, they are magical, the loveliest petals on a tree I ever did see.

Our living room window looks out onto our neighbor's yard (yeah, kind of creepy), which luckily has a HUGE magnolia tree in it. If I could do anything I wanted tomorrow, I would lay on the couch, reading a book, looking out at that magnolia tree, all day, maybe taking some breaks to eat some ice cream. While looking at the magnolia tree. Well, I mean, if I could do ANYTHING, and I had lots of money, I would take a day trip somewhere fun and beautiful with Kathy and eat out for every meal. But, still, laying on the couch and looking at the magnolia tree would be a close second.

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