Sunday, May 22, 2011

A messy fridge full of magnets.

One of my favorite people in the world, Manda, recently blogged about what's in her fridge. I found this post to be so simple-yet-enjoyable that I immediately wanted to do it myself. Because 1) it gives me a chance to talk about something I like a LOT, which is MAGNETS! I KNOW, I KNOW, HOLD YOUR EXCITEMENT. 2) I am currently kind of stressed out about stuff, such as: finishing this massive Work Sample I have to do for student teaching, and finishing up my Master's degree and teaching licensing paperwork, and a bunch of stuff that's happening in June like going to Philly and my mom visiting (which are both fun things, but still a reminder of how fast time is going by), and starting to plan a wedding which we have no money for, and mainly trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life after I'm done student teaching in like, three weeks. SO, talking about something mindless like MY FRIDGE AND MAGNETS! instead of accomplishing any of the meaningful things I have to do sounds like a great idea!

What was so remarkable to me about Manda's fridge was how sparkly clean it was, from the high tech and shiny outside to the inside. So, for a fun study in comparisons, let's take a look at our fridge.

Some people like to collect things when they travel such as mugs, shot glasses, stickers, kitschy t-shirts or comfy hoodies, or, inexplicably, little spoons. I am all about the magnets. Magnets are fun at all times, but especially when you're traveling. Because then, every time you open the fridge, you can feel better about whatever dreary day you're about to start or, alternately, how you're about to stuff your face with food you don't really need just because you're tired and you want to, because your fridge reminds you that you are a WORLDLY, INTERESTING PERSON. And you also know WORLDLY, INTERESTING PEOPLE that send you other magnets! So grab that hunk of cheese and eat half of it! You deserve it!

My favorite part of the fridge is the incomplete map of the United States, which is slightly hidden here by the Save the Date for Kathy's cousin's wedding (which is why we're going to Philly in two weeks). Our goal is to collect a magnet for each state we've been to together, eventually completing the whole thing. (My dream!) There's a few states we're missing at the moment, because it can be hard to find these buggers. There's also a few different companies that make these state magnets, resulting in the incongruity of some things--just look at that mess in the Northeast. And I mean, Rhode Island could dwarf California in magnet-stature! That is good stuff.

Some of my other favorite magnets include our set of First Ladies, which we purchased at a gift shop at the Library of Congress when we were in DC last year. This is an example of how Kathy and I are meant to be. When we saw it--A SET OF MAGNETS OF ALL OF THE FIRST LADIES--we knew that it was hilarious and awesome and that we had to get it, even though it was ridiculously overpriced like anything in any gift shop anywhere. When we showed it/told people about it afterwards, saying, "Aren't they AWESOME?," pretty much everyone responded with a more subdued, "Oh. Uh, sure." Whatever. We know where it's at. Well. When it comes to magnets, anyway. Oh, and the map of the T--also essential.

Included on the bottom half of the fridge: a postcard from Ellie from Japan (Yeah! We know people who go to JAPAN!), a postcard from the 2008 election wherein the Obama family looks like THE MOST ADORABLE GENUINE FAMILY OF ALL TIME I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT AND WILL PROBABLY NEVER TAKE IT DOWN, some photos of family and friends, some First Ladies, and an amazingly cute note Kathy's parents sent us with a package once, because they are amazingly cute people.

The messiness continues on the other side! Joy! Included on this side: wedding invite, baby announcement, a list of things to do in the Northwest before we leave (I am trying to come to terms with the fact that we won't accomplish most of these things), some faded newspaper clippings, a great picture of my family and I when we were in Hawaii, and a picture of Kathy and I in Tahoe. See? WORLDLY AND INTERESTING! I also like looking at the Hawaii picture because I weigh way less and look much healthier in general than I do now. And in the Tahoe picture, my hair looks good. FRIDGE = VANITY. Also, the "I rescued my best friend" magnet was a gift from Kathy's parents. Like I said, amazingly cute people.

It's harder to expand my messiness onto the other side of the fridge since it's so close to the wall, but I do my darndest anyway! This side currently has Kathy's winning March Madness bracket (very important, obviously), another postcard, a Queer the Census magnet from last year, an adorable photo of Lou and his girlfriend that HIS MOM adorably mailed me at Christmastime, and a very useful magnet from the City of Portland explaining what's recyclable and what isn't and where to put it all. This, in fact, is the most useful thing on the whole fridge. So logically, it should be crookedly placed near the bottom on the side near the wall.

Other favorite things: my set of vintage map magents. I LOVE MAPS! Just wait until the blog post about MAPS! I especially like all vintage-y map type things, even though I know they're mass produced and not actually vintage really. The "Christ died for our Dunkin' Donuts" is an amazing postcard I found in a neat little bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin when we were there visiting Mandy on our way across the country. (Worldly and interesting!)

Other favorites: I read banned books! And I <3 public transportation, I really do! (I haven't been to Mammoth Cave, but Sam C. has and mailed that to me!)

Uh, yeah, the inside is really not exciting, especially right now, but Manda posted hers so I wanted to be consistent. The Widmer Brothers beer is probably the highlight. Kathy and I have moved on from  just buying 6 packs of microbrews to 12 packs. Is this bad? Maybe. Other highlights include: a ridiculous half-inch left of sun tea Kathy made the other day; some leftovers I probably have to throw out; some old Greek yogurt I have to throw out too; just a few strawberries from the farmer's market left in the top right, and a whole bunch of film (35mm & Polaroid) hiding behind the cream cheese on the top.

Condiments are oh so important. I am still new at the natural-peanut butter thing and don't understand how one is supposed to efficiently stir it at the beginning. Without slopping oily peanut buttery stuff all over oneself. Seriously. The Annie's honey mustard dressing is light, which I didn't realize. It's gross. I'll probably keep it in there for a year and then toss it when we move because that's how I do. And we apparently have two large bottles of lemon juice, because, one can never have too much lemon juice? If this was taken last week you'd also see that we're now buying nifty glass bottles of local milk from New Seasons, but we ran out so I had to grab this one at Target this week. And now I look like a crappy milk consumerist. Dammit.

So, my freezer is apparently pretty un-interesting. The Ben & Jerry's is a new Tiramasu  flavor I found at Target. I actually wasn't a huge fan, but I think I always forget that I'm not actually a huge fan of tiramasu. I always expect that top layer to be chocolate, and then it's just dusty stuff that makes you cough and/or sneeze. Disappointing.

To be honest, sometimes if I just stand and look at our fridge, I am reminded of all the fun places we've been, and all the great people we know, and the good life we have, and it feels nice. Really, really nice. The fact that there's normally at least two cartons of ice cream inside of it? Makes it even better.


  1. I LOVVVVVE IT! This is almost as good as snooping your kitchen myself. I only own like 5 magnets but you're making me want like a million.

  2.  seriously. the two lemon juices. the light honey mustard. the extreme nerdiness of this whole entry. i'm living for this, right now.

  3. I like our Hawaii photos because I'm thinner in them as well.  Given that, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but...there is a new flavor (actually it may not be new, but it's new to me!) of Haagen Dazs that you must try immediately.  It is called Caramel Cone.  Just go find it.  You're welcome.

  4. I love all your state magnets and that they're lined up in the right places :) 

  5.  I love your fridge! It reminds me of our fridge in Boston with our summer fun lists on it. And I love that pretty much the only thing in your freezer is ice cream. Our fridge is quite covered as well (and features amazing artwork by me!) but not quite as intense as yours!