Friday, May 6, 2011

Multnomah Falls / Amazing people in our lives.

Multnomah Falls is the most visited attraction in the state of Oregon, for a few good reasons.
  1. It's less than an hour away from Portland.
  2. It's freaking awesome.
It's the second highest year-round waterfall in the country, and the sight of its two tiers are broken up by a little stone bridge that somehow makes its way across the terrifying rushing water. Every time I see this bridge, I think to myself, "I have no idea how the hell that was made." To be honest, I think this to myself EVERY time I see a bridge, any bridge. But especially this one. The human race amazes me.

Multnomah Falls lies in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which is probably my favorite place in a state full of really amazing places. The whole region is rife with waterfalls, and if you're a local you probably try to avoid this behemoth, especially in the summer and on weekends, since the parking lots are always positively jam packed with people. But even with all the other super cool and lesser known waterfalls there are to visit, my jaw still drops a little every time I get a glance of this one. It is just so TALL!

The first time Kathy and I went there was when we were driving on the very last leg of our cross country journey back in the late summer of 2007. We had been driving in our old, very packed car for over a week and had had a particularly long day of slogging through Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Idaho and Eastern Oregon, by the way, can be extremely beautiful, but also extremely weird, and very arid and deserted, and after a full day of this we were feeling a little bug eyed and exhausted, like we were a little unsure of what reality was anymore. Add on top of this the fact that Kathy had put up with over a week of my over-exuberant touristy-ness (yes, this is very far from being a word), my very stubborn and passionate need to visit every Point of Interest on our wrinkled atlas. Add on top of this that we were ALMOST THERE, almost at our final destination after leaving over a week ago from BOSTON a gajillion miles away, AND in range of actual civilization for the first time in a long time! Did I mention we were exhausted? When I told Kathy we had to turn off the road 30 miles from Portland to look at some waterfalls, I thought she might actually kill me.

Anyway. Every visit since then has been freaking awesome. And we have visited a LOT. Kathy's friend Reiko was visiting us this week, and as we were once more climbing the trail to Benson Bridge, I started thinking about just how many visits we HAD taken, and how many photos of people we love I'd taken in front of that falling water. So, for fun, and since I never object to wasting loads of time rifling through old photos, I thought I'd find out.

 October 2007. My dad peers over Benson Bridge.

November 2007. A very chilly and rainy Steve and I.
Sam M. and Zoe were also here.

May 2008. My brother, sister and I are standing on the bridge.
Mom is below, taking our picture.

August 2008. Kathy's parents. Adorable!
The quintessential Multnomah Falls photo.

February 2009. Kathy, Erin, Grey.

 June 2009. Kathy & Steph.

June 2009. Luis & Sam C.

May 2011. Kathy, Reiko, Erin.
An amazing golden sunset time.

I feel like there have been even more trips with even more people which I can't find pictures of. But the point is: I feel not only lucky to live close to such beautiful things, but to live a life full of so many wonderful people who travel from all around the country to come visit us, and to be dragged around in our less packed, but still very old, car, to see these beautiful things. It makes me feel very humble and fortunate. I like it, a lot. Indeed, I like it the most.


  1. That is SO pretty! I'd love to visit it someday.

  2. That picture of Mom with the Mom label is maybe the best thing ever.