Monday, June 20, 2011

This brown polka dot dress & this brown bag.

I usually leave fashion-talk to ladies like Jill D. at Looks & Books (seriously! Her blog is awesome! Go read it!), considering my fashion sense normally rates somewhere on the scale from mediocre to poor, but I had a moment this weekend of feeling somewhat proud of/happy with what I wore, so I thought, HEY, let's drag out this moment of vanity, and do it on the internet!

I own relatively few dresses; the few I do own have been purchased for weddings over the last few years. The only problem is that we keep getting invited to more and more weddings. Which is amazing! I mentioned weddings on here briefly a long time ago, but it was such a pathetic entry in terms of articulating how much I REALLY FREAKING LOVE THEM. I LOVE WEDDINGS, I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! Invite me to a wedding, and it will probably take fire and brimstone for me to not be there. But so the only problem is that I am poor, and cannot afford to buy a new dress for each wedding, but I always WANT to, in keeping with the special-ness of each person's Big Event. Like, it almost seems rude to wear the same thing to one person's wedding that I wore to another person's wedding last year. Like it matters at all to anyone what I wear to their wedding. I KNOW I AM A LITTLE BIT OF A CRAZY, BUT SO WHAT.

Anyway. I have done pretty decently with this Wear Something Unique to Each Unique Wedding To Show I Really Care crazy bit, with the exception of the brown polka dot dress.

I first wore this to Kim & Cliff's wedding in Virginia in the fall of 2008. There are many pluses about this dress:
1. I really like brown.
2. I also like polka dots.
3. It's simple and fits me well; i.e., is not tight over my big pregnant-looking belly and I can breathe in it, and also dance comfortably without feeling like my boobs are going to pop out or like everyone will see my booty, etc. I can even wear a regular bra with it with the chance of it tackily showing being only about 10% of the time or so. It is pretty magical to find a dress fitting all these criteria.
4. It was $10 at Burlington Coat Factory.

The second time I wore this dress was to my brother's wedding last year, also, strangely, in Virginia. Like I said, I felt bad about the dress repetition--and to a wedding as important as my brother's!--but I was poor and the brown worked well with the fall colors that were going on in this shindig. My sister wore brown, my mom wore crimson. See? It worked well.

Also for this wedding, I added this little bag I found at Buffalo Exchange, which is probably the best little clutch bag I own. Is this even called a clutch? Who knows. I don't know why I'm pretending to know what I'm talking about in terms of bag lingo. ANYWAY, I LIKE IT A LOT:

But this weekend, I even went so far as to WEAR THE DRESS A THIRD TIME, to Erica & Paul's wedding reception here in Portland at Mississippi Studios. We'd been busy all week and I'd worked in the morning the day of, so I hadn't thought a lot about what I would wear to this event. So twenty minutes before we left, I thought, HEY, I'll go with the brown polka dot, since it's clean and comfortable and I'm lazy.

And then I spotted a green sweater crumpled up on the ground that I had purchased with a green and white dress I wore to Sara & Jamie's wedding earlier this month (I KNOW, SOOO POPULAR), and I thought, that green might be kind of fun with the brown polka dot. So I ironed it, put it on, went into the bathroom, and saw this green necklace that I purchased a long time ago but then never got to wear because it was the wrong shade of green for what I had originally wanted it for. BUT NOW IT WAS THE PERFECT GREEN! SO I WORE IT!

So essentially, this whole post was leading up to this one picture, because I was so proud of spontaneously jazzing up the brown polka dot and making it feel like a new outfit, unique to Erica & Paul's wedding. Was this worthy of a blog post? Who knows! But, it's two days later and looking at this picture I still feel pretty proud of myself. So I think so.

ALSO, at this reception we stole a bag of goodies that was supposed to be for entertaining children, obviously, because that is what we do, and I donned a ring pop from it, that ALSO MATCHED MY OUTFIT. So. You can't beat that.

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