Friday, July 1, 2011

J & K (&mom!) Do Portland Food Carts: Month 6.

June was a pretty financially awful month for the J & K, so the only time we were able to afford food carts was when my mom was in town, and she bought lots of meals for us. Thanks, mom! 

We decided to head somewhere new, and finally went to Cartopia, the pod at the corner of Hawthorne and SE 12th. I'd only driven by this pod, and heard about it, about a million times. Our first stop was obviously Perierra Creperie, as seen on Portlandia, the New York Times, on and on.


Perierra also has an amazing selection of both savory and sweet options. We went the savory route, and all shared a gorgonzola, pear, walnut, and honey crepe ($7). I mean, with that combo of ingredients, you really can't go wrong. The crepes are also a decent size, and so worth the money. They also had an amazing looking selection of smoothies.

And then, to be a little less classy, we went right next door to the famous Potato Champion, and got this: 

That is pulled pork, on top of white cheddar cheese curds, on top of french fries. YEP. AGAIN, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH THAT COMBINATION? Really, you can't go wrong with a cart that specializes in FRENCH FRIES, in the first place. They have all sorts of fancy dressings and shtuff you can get on top of the fries (other than, you know, pulled pork and cheese curds, but we thought, why not do it up right).

Overall, I was actually a little disappointed with the Cartopia food cart pod as a whole. While there were five or six carts, this actually seemed like a pretty small selection when one's gotten used to A La Carts and Good Food Here, each of which offer at LEAST ten carts at a time. Cartopia's also on a pretty busy intersection and I wasn't quite sure where to park, and while there's covered seating which is also nice, again, the space in general felt a little more cramped.

That all said, the thing that these carts--Potato Champion in particular--are known for is that they're open late, and within distance of many a Hawthorne bar, meaning, if you are driz-unk at 1AM and want some really good french fries, or some really good crepes, along with a bunch of other driz-unk hipsters eating french fries and crepes, 12th and Hawthorne is your jam. Which, you know, I can understand. This sounds like fun. But we are sleepy and can't really afford the amount of drinks which would make you drunk at 1AM out on the town, so, you know. Maybe one day. (Maybe.)

But still, the endless variety of crepes at Perierra alone that all looked SO GOOD would have me back there in a second. Oh my god, I want them all in my mouth right now. Why do I write these things?! They make me so HUNGRYYYYYYY. Someone should pay me to write about carts, so I can afford to eat at more carts. I mean, I think this happens. People write about cool stuff like food carts and are paid for it. I even think that a lot of the time, these people don't even write particularly well. How does this happen? I want this to happen. But I am lazy. So, someone make that happen for me, please. K, thanks.

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