Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Pacific Northwest: The Bucket List.

At Crater Lake last summer.

We all know Jill loves lists, and the Bucket List is pretty much the ultimate in lists. Or, you know, at least relatively more important than my Grocery List (if I made a grocery list, instead of wildly grabbing whatever looks yummy on the shelves in New Seasons like a madwoman), or my CDs I Would Buy If Cds Were In My Budget list, and infinitely less stressful than my Overdue Bills I Still Have to Pay list, or Things We Have to Do (And Pay For) Before Our Wedding list, or my never-ending Books To Read List. I've never really made a bucket list in an official manner before--meaning, writing it down in my inconsequential blog--but I have in my head a hundred times.

But being that our eventual departure from Portland has been looming large in our minds recently, I thought it would be good for myself to document it now, and then hopefully cross out--and then write about!--each thing we accomplish. While we had been planning for a long time to move back to the East Coast next summer, after some extensive discussion, and after finally realizing that planning a big move for the same time you're planning a wedding might not be the best idea, it feels more up-in-the-air at the moment. In either case, while it may be one year, or it may be two years, that we have left in this place, there is still a whole heck of a lot I want to do and see. Don't worry though, hopefully this list won't make you cry as much as Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did! AND COME ON IF YOU SAW THAT YOU MOVIE YOU KNOW YOU CRIED, JUST ADMIT IT.

This is adjusted from an original list that has been hanging on our fridge for a long time, as I mentioned in this surprisingly popular entry. I'm including ones from the original list which we've already accomplished, in order to make me feel good about myself. And to remind myself that ones that we've accomplished which I haven't written about, I want to get on, pronto.

Jill's Pacific Northwest Bucket List

- Participate in the Portland Bridge Pedal
- Have a fancy dinner at Portland City Grill
- Visit Crater Lake (wrote about it, a little sappily, because national parks make me sappy, here)
- Visit Olympic National Park
- Visit North Cascades National Park
- Visit Vancouver (BC)
- Take a trip to the southern Oregon coast/the Rogue/Redwoods National Park in California
- Bike around Sauvie Island
- See the Vaux's Swifts every year (so far, so good on this one!)
- Go to a concert at McMenamin's Edgefield (Avett Brothers last year)
- Visit wine country
- Visit every second-run/art-y movie theater in Portland (pretty close to this one--still haven't been to Hollywood)
- Go to a Rose City Rollers match
- Visit Silver Falls State Park
- Go to Wordstock
- Attend Mt. Angel Oktoberfest
- Visit the San Juan Islands
- Eat/drink at as many brewpubs as physically possible (doing not shabby on this one)
- Re-visit Bend and take a hike in central Oregon
- Attend at least two more plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
- For the love of God, see the Decemberists in concert
- Take a hike somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. St. Helens
- Read Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion
- Attend Sasquatch

That's it for now, although it can be amended at any time. If any Northwest folks have any suggestions of Things I Must Add On, I am always all ears. Actually accomplishing all of these things is dreaming big, I know, but, I've never really seen the harm in dreaming big.

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