Wednesday, August 31, 2011


...just an obnoxious reminder that you can like this ol' blog on Facebook now! I made a fancy button!

Doesn't it look sophisticated? Could it be sharper and overall more well-made? NOPE!

There are many benefits of Liking Things Jill Likes:
1) You get updates of when I update. Which won't clog your Facebook feed too much, since I never update as much as I hope to!
2) You get to look at the adorable pictures of puppies that is my profile picture for Things Jill Likes. Yes, it is in fact just the first picture that came up when I Google image searched "adorable pictures of puppies." I will not re-post this picture here because I want you to go to Facebook to see it. And then like it. But trust me, they are ADORABLE!
3) I like when you like what I like by liking this blog. So much liking to go around! Okay, maybe this number is actually kind of annoying.
4) It will make me feel popular and loved, hence boosting my self-esteem, and hence boosting my ability to write great blog entries. Maybe?

Once again, what a work of art!

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