Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Goals.

+ Mark a big item off of my bucket list: participate in the Portland Bridge Pedal.

+ There are a few things I'm hoping to buy this month, although we'll see how far my fortunes are able to stretch: I need a new pair of sneakers like whoa. I have one pair and the soles have all fallen out and when I wear them I can feel every stone under my feet. They're basically like wearing worn old Old Navy flip flops, with a cover. These are the things I wear running, biking, hiking, etc. It's really bad. They also stink. I also need a new pair of jeans because mine (again, my one pair) have the inevitable inner-thigh-holes-due-to-fat-thighs thing that happens to every pair of jeans. Sigh. Also, my (one) bra is close to falling apart at the seems, literally. It, also, stinks.

+ On a slightly more fun and certainly less personal note, I will also complete my final class this month for my education masters. I know, I already went to graduation and got hooded and stuff, but there's still this annoying class left to make it "official." To congratulate myself when it's done, I plan to..dun dun dun...BUY MYSELF A BOOKSHELF! YAYYYY NERD! I already have two bookshelves, one large and one small-ish, but as you can tell from that crappy picture in the last entry, I really need another one. My book towers are getting kind of ridiculous. I did have the thought at one point, "Well, I should be minimalist and just go through and donate the books I don't want anymore." This produced approximately three books. So. Yeah, I just can't do it.

+ WEDDING GOALS: I didn't make any wedding goals last month, which was a big fail on my part. We've been so busy that we've hardly thought about wedding stuff, in an actual productive way, in quite awhile. This is all scary because Marriott has our deposit so IT HAS TO HAPPEN. We have to PLAN STUFF, and then, even scarier, PAY FOR IT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT WERE WE THINKING. Anyway, making goals really helps in a real way with this. SO! This month, I/we will: make a wedding website, send dress ideas to my mom, actually email that wedding planner chick Marriott provides us with, and order Save the Dates.

+ Take the Toyota to the shop. I have been dreading this, but it has to happen. I've been driving with the disconcerting noise it's been making since our car got anonymously hit overnight (thanks, Portland stranger!) for way too long and I just have to do something about it. Hopefully I can afford whatever it is. (Doubtful.)

+ AND THEN, once we know the car is a-okay, take Toby on a yurting trip to the coast! Yayyyyy!

+ ALSO: take my bike to a bike shop to fix the shifting gears problem it's been having, so I can stop having to grit my teeth and mutter crazily to myself, "Jesus, even my BIKE doesn't work!" anytime it freaks out. All while I'm sweating and hipsters are passing me on their secondhand uber hip city bikes.

+ Finish The Omnivore's Dilemma. Start Shame of the Nation.

+ Go berry picking at Sauvie Island.

+ Call some good peeps I haven't called in way too long. This list of peeps could be potentially long, but I'm narrowing it down just for now to: Allie, Zoe, and Sam.

+ Cut down on beer. :\ No, really. I have to do it.

+ Get our trip to the great Northeast for Greg and Andrea's wedding in September all purchased and finalized.

+ Hopefully, kick ass at my second interview at Campfire.

+ Make FOUR new meals.

So, a lot of my goals this month aren't that exciting, and most of them involve money. So again, I really can't guarantee how successful I'll be. But...yay berry picking??

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