Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Goals.

By the time we get back from the trip we're taking to the East Coast this week, it'll be halfway through September already. And lord knows I won't be practicing most of these goals while we're hanging out with peeps in New York, Connecticut, and Boston, so most of these goals will just apply from the 15th through the end of the month. So I better be productive once we get back to PDX!

+ Not go TOO over-budget on vacation. Get to hang out with everyone we want to see!

+ Get back on the Spanish train, hardcore. Do something involving Spanish practice EVERY DAY, even if that involves just opening up one of my books and reading a few words in espanol for five seconds.

+ I feel like I was only a half-assed PDX biker in August, so I want to get more disciplined this month. So: I'm only allowed to drive to work ONCE a week, every other day I should be biking. And each week I go to the library to volunteer, I should either be biking or taking the bus.

+ Save $1,000 towards the wedding. This is a big goal, and will probably require me to be a transcribing fiend once we get back. Also, do all those wedding things I said I'd do last month: website, save the dates, dress stuff, etc. Also, after visiting Boston--get our ceremony site nailed down.

+ Stretch more. Once a day.

+ Be better with what I shove in my face at work. This will probably be the hardest one of all because my tolerance to say no to things when it comes to food and drink is at a real big low. Working at Starbucks is not necessarily the best thing health wise. This is pretty much what happens on a daily basis: Oh hey, that lemon pound cake looks real good. LET'S BREAK IT AND EAT IT. Oh hey, this frappuccino I just made actually looks really good, let's pour the leftover dregs from the blender pitcher into a sample cup and pour it down my throat (ten times a shift). The Target where my Starbucks is also just went through a remodel where they got a bunch more food stuff, and accordingly they always have a bunch of new food items sampled out for employees in the back room. So anytime I go to the back room, this happens: OH HEY COOKIES! GIMME GIMME GIMME! I also, even though this never happened during the three years I worked for Starbucks in undergrad, think I'm starting to be addicted to coffee. Which is weird, for me. I am really not one for diets or anything, but basically what I'm saying is, Target is going to kill me.

Anyway, long boring story short, here are the actual goals: I can only drink water or unsweetened iced tea during my shifts. No bringing expired pastries home. Bring and eat own snacks on breaks. Keep frappuccino sampling to the bare minimum.

+ Read three children's/young adult books.

+ Start planning something fun for both my birthday in October and our anniversary in November.

+ Go see the swifts! For maybe the last time. :\

+ Hopefully get to hang out with Kim & Cliff when they move back to Oregon!

+ Make three new meals.

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