Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I turn 28 today. [Although I'm technically posting this on the 4th, I wrote it on the 3rd.] This is a good thing, since I've been telling people I'm 28 for pretty much the entire time I was 27, so it's good to be able to finally get it right. Let's be honest, ever since I transcended the age of 21, I've had a hard time remembering how old I am. I constantly have to turn to Kathy to confirm what the right number is when somebody asks. This is the conversation that normally happens when meeting new people:

Me: "I'm 28!"
Kathy: "No, you're 27."
Me: "Oh! I am? Okay."

As a side note, yesterday when Kathy and I were in the car we had the bizarre/delightful experience of hearing Blink 182's "What's My Age Again?" on the radio, and I had a frightening moment of clarity when I realized that, at the time that song came out and we both listened to it on the radio every day, the age 23 that Mark Hoppus so angstily sings about seemed pretty old. But now, 23 seems real young! And I thought, WHOA. WE'RE OLD!

OK, I actually don't believe we're that old. Just Mark Hoppus is.

For my birthday I'm allowing myself a lazy morning, to be followed by a long shift at my unimportant job. However, I really can't complain about this truly unexciting day, since the weekend we just had in Seattle was so awesome. But, in order to make it a little more meaningful for myself, I'm enacting a new Blog Tradition, of recalling my favorite things that have happened over the past year since last October 3rd. A best of the best of the year 27. Because truly, there is nothing I like better than some good old fashioned nostalgia.

So here we go, 27!

#1. My brother and Mary's wedding in Virginia. Hard to believe this was only just a little less than a year ago. Yay for familial happiness!

#2. Two musical events at the Schnitz: Sufjan Stevens with Zoe and Ashley, and Lauryn Hill with Kathy. Totally different, but totally awesome. Getting to see Zoe again for the first time in a long time--and making those videos with Andy--was another highlight.

#3. Student teaching at Lane Middle School, Portland Public Schools. Their faces are really crudely blacked out here so I don't get sued, but, man. I only cried a few times. I made a fool out of myself a few other times. But overall, it was great. I miss these kids something fierce.

#4. Actually cooking more, on a more consistent basis. It's surprisingly satisfying (and delicious). Also, starting to do the majority of our shopping at New Seasons.

#5. New friends/Vet Tech stuff. Oh God, don't I have any better way to describe this than "new friends"?! Gross. Anyway. It's also hard to believe that Kathy only started her Vet. Tech. program a little over a year ago. But through that, she/we have met so many wonderful and important people, especially Scott and Kelly, who have become an incredible support system for Kathy, and consequently, me as well. Also, the weird condensing of this picture makes it looks like Kathy is crying in a really scary way, but she in fact is laughing in a really awesome way.

  Also, let's remember how everyone Kathy knows now through her program all own REALLY AMAZING DOGS AND I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Also, let's remember that time we got to go to her school and HOLD BABY LAMBS.

#6. Tues-Weds in Seattle with Ashley and Meredith. Wow, well, I haven't been that drunk in awhile. Also, let's discuss how Ashley and Meredith are the best. The best. So really, this list should include anytime we got to see Ashley and Meredith, ever. And considering Meredith technically lived on the other side of the country, we got to see her a lot. But Tues-Weds will live in infamy (in our memories. Like just ours).

#7. Camping at Mt. Hood. I have been dreaming about camping again ever since we got back.

#8. Finishing my masters in education from Portland State. Okay, a lot of it wasn't really that exciting,  and I feel like I got kind of angsty and defensive in classes a lot, but, the real highlight was meeting this guy. An endless champion of kids, I want to remember him and all the things he said whenever I have my own classroom or my own library. Seriously. This dude is the man.

#9: Fun visits from fun people, including Reiko, my mom, my dad and Cheryl, and others. Having people visit us means that 1) We get to hang out with fun people, who like us so much they paid money on plane tickets to see us, which is pretty remarkable, and 2) We get to take time off of work to do fun Pacific Northwest-y things, which is pretty much our favorite. Every visit this past year from people was awesome.

#10: Watching UNC basketball with/going on hikes with/making pizza and/or drinking beer with Matt & Ellie. They're in California now. :( Oregon (that means us) misses them a whole bunch already.

#11: Pumpkin patches and holiday dinners with Erin & Grey. Half of this duo is also no longer in Oregon now. We miss her, too. :\

#12: Preggers! On my mom's side of my family, where prior to this year there were no grandbabies for our parents yet, suddenly three people are pregnant. Meaning that by October 3rd next year when I write about my 28th year, there will BABIES. Like, BABIES! Babies that I will actually care about! I still don't quite fully understand this concept but I think it is both scary and awesome!

#13: That ridiculously awesome vacation we just took. Including amazing times in New York,  amazing times in Connecticut for my cousin Greg & Andrea's wedding (yeah, another wedding! Get over it!), and amazing times in Boston. I may or may not have already mentioned this awesome vacation a hundred times since we got back. Even though I've only blogged like three times. Somehow I feel this has happened. IT JUST FELT LEGENDARY PEOPLE.

#14: Starting to actually plan our own wedding. Oh, what? Are you tired of me talking about weddings? Too bad! Because guess what? Planning your own wedding is FUN! Who knew!

Of course this can only ever be a partial list; there is simply too much that life packs in for you in 365 days. I mean geez, life. Way to be indescribably full of yourself, every single year.

That means you're up, 28. Let's do this thing.

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