Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Goals.

Guys! It's been grey and rainy all day! I just took Toby out for a walk and wore inappropriate shoes and my feet got soaked! And I am in love with it! It finally feels like FALL! October is the bestest month! 

+ Get rid of our Bank of America bank accounts and open local ones, probably at Rivermark. Bye bye, big corporate banks! I may not be able to occupy the streets, but I can take my money away from yo' ass!

+ Pay off my bills. I got behind again this month. :\ Which always just makes them harder to pay off. :\

+ Once they're paid off: get my film pictures from our East Coast trip developed.

+ To renew my education spirit, I want to finally subscribe to Rethinking Schools and VOYA.

+ Also, so I can make my own opinion once and for all, finally see Waiting for Superman.

+ Another hopeful indulgence once bills are paid: get a tune-up for my bike, as well as getting mudflaps installed.

+ More nerdy education/library stuff: start reading some books for upcoming winter Mock Newbery and Mock Printz Award workshops! I want to participate in both workshops and actually read all the books for each this year.

+ Email my advisor about library practicums. Email University of Washington about MLS.

+ Espanol! I'm going to get back on that train, people! Goals: finish current chapter in Harry, finish up to Chapter 30 in workbook.

+ If time allows, go on at least one hike with Kathy.

+ Also, make the time to go to at least one pumpkin festival. Pumpkin festivals in October = essential.

+ Be able to put my entire transcription work check this month to a wedding fund.

+ Start keeping track of all of my expenses on that really boring spreadsheet I used to have, again.

+ Make four new meals.

This is going to be a good month.

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