Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Goals.

Normally throughout the month I find myself noting in my brain ideas for goals I want to do for the following month. However, this month I seemed to lack the mental capacity to do this, or create any kind of neat list as usual. So instead I will give you a jumbled paragraph. Yay!

I want to be healthier. My eating habits were so atrocious this month and I hardly exercised at all, including riding my bike. I feel fat and unhealthy and gross. I want to start running again, I think it will help me with some of my anxiety I've been having. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables. I want to eat fast food less. I want to bike more. I want to get up earlier. I got up way early one morning last week because I was too anxious to sleep and ended up doing more before 8AM than I normally do in a day. I want to do that more. I want to read more. Like, schedule out time in my days to do it. I want to write more. I remembered one night this month that I kind of like TypeTrigger. I want to submit something to Gigantic Sequins. I want to spend more time with my pictures. This might be my only accountable goal, for Kathy and Matie: I want to finish reading Coin Laundry. I want to stop doubting myself. I want to apply for as many library and/or education jobs as I can. I want to actually contact UW's MLS program. I want to transcribe more. I want to not freak out about money so much. I want to keep the house cleaner. I want to start reading newspapers again. I want to talk to people I don't talk to enough that I love. I want to talk to my parents on a more consistent basis. I want to start organizing my life in my planner more. I want to be a better girlfriend. I want to use the car as little as possible. I want to listen to Florence every second of the day, but I already do that. I want to write about Florence. I want to get my shit together and be okay with myself.

Want, want, want! Buddha would be so disappointed.

In reality, I actually think I'm at a really good and important place in life. I'm feeling hopeful about you, November.

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