Friday, November 4, 2011

October Goals: Review.

So remember that time I made goals for October, and I ended my list by saying: "This is going to be a good month"? I also said things like "October is the bestest month!"? Well then. Note to self: never jinx myself like that again. October, in fact, ended up being messy and weird. Accordingly, most of my goals were shoved to the very back of my brain. But for tradition's sake, let's see what kind of a shitstorm this goals review will be anyway.

+ Get rid of our Bank of America bank accounts and open local ones, probably at Rivermark. Bye bye, big corporate banks! I may not be able to occupy the streets, but I can take my money away from yo' ass!
Half way. We did both sign up for checking accounts at Rivermark, yay! But I'm still waiting to get my debit card and official account information in the mail, and until I do I can't completely unravel my life from Bank of America. But this whole thing has made me realize how entangled I am in them. Blergh.

+ Pay off my bills. I got behind again this month. :\ Which always just makes them harder to pay off. :\
I did, just barely.

+ Once they're paid off: get my film pictures from our East Coast trip developed.
Not in the budget, but I want to so bad. The next time I have anything extra, this will be first on my list. Film pictures from New York, come to meeeeee.

+ To renew my education spirit, I want to finally subscribe to Rethinking Schools and VOYA.
Again, not in the budget. Looking over this list makes me realize how rah-rah I was feeling at the beginning of the month about education stuff, since I'd just gone to that social justice conference in Seattle. It's a good reminder though, because I go from rah-rah to blah-blah and completely doubting my ability to be a teacher really quickly. So anytime there's that obnoxious rah-rah in me I should take advantage of it. Whenever I do subscribe to these organizations, maybe they will help.

+ Also, so I can make my own opinion once and for all, finally see Waiting for Superman.
Yeah, no.

+ Another hopeful indulgence once bills are paid: get a tune-up for my bike, as well as getting mudflaps installed.
Hahahaha! Apparently I thought I was going to be rich this month somehow! I am hilarious.

+ More nerdy education/library stuff: start reading some books for upcoming winter Mock Newbery and Mock Printz Award workshops! I want to participate in both workshops and actually read all the books for each this year.
OK, yes! One success! I officially signed up for both workshops and read one of the Printz ones (Jasper Jones--it was intense!), started two of the Newbery ones, and put holds on all the other books from the library. Somewhat disturbingly, these holds have been fulfilled really quickly and I now have a huge stack of  pretty shiny books, the sight of which makes me want to hyperventilate a bit, and/or want to quit every thing I'm doing so I can sit home and read all of them.

+ Email my advisor about library practicums. Email University of Washington about MLS.
These might have been my most important goals on here, and all they were were sending EMAILS. And I failed. What is wrong with me.

+ Espanol! I'm going to get back on that train, people! Goals: finish current chapter in Harry, finish up to Chapter 30 in workbook.
I did read quite a few pages in Harry, but nothing to brag about.

+ If time allows, go on at least one hike with Kathy.
At first I was going to say no, but then I remembered that we went on a walk at Promised Land (did you know almost everything by my hometown is named after biblical references? Now you do) with my brother and his wife when we were in Pennsylvania. And it was a pretty lengthy walk, so let's call it a hike.

Kathy and Egypt Lake.

+ Also, make the time to go to at least one pumpkin festival. Pumpkin festivals in October = essential.
We also somehow made this happen. Yay! It was somewhat late in the season after all the good pumpkins were already taken and we went on an overcast Wednesday and so there was hardly anyone there, which was kind of nice. We got cider and bought local honey and walked around and it was real nice.

I love you, you weirdly shaped and dirty pumpkins!

+ Be able to put my entire transcription work check this month to a wedding fund.
No. Every cent of it went to bills. I'm actually really upset about this and thinking about how I'm going to pay for our wedding makes me really anxious. But if I talked more about it this would become a "Things That Make Jill Anxious" blog, which is much less fun, so let's not.

+ Start keeping track of all of my expenses on that really boring spreadsheet I used to have, again.
Hells no. I kept all my receipts for everything in hope of doing this, so now I have a bunch of receipts all over my desk and in all my bags. Does this count?

+ Make four new meals.
Four? Really? Wow, I was dreaming big 30 days ago. I somehow made three though, and I felt damn proud of that!

#1. Peanut soba stir fry. This turned out okay--better than the picture probably looks. I tend to like any peanut sauce anything, because it tastes like peanut butter and peanut butter is delicious. And the vegetables I put in were yummy, especially the cauliflower, because cauliflower is delicious. But the soba noodles I got were just so whole-wheat-y, you know? And I can't get down with those really intense  cardboard-y good-for-you noodles. I'm all, give me my unhealthy white flour so I can die earlier, bitch! They definitely didn't look like hers, so there must be some other kind of soba noodle I can find. 

#2. Spinach artichoke pasta. OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD. It's basically just like spinach artichoke dip turned into a pasta dish. OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. I WANT IT IN MY MOUTH AGAIN RIGHT NOW. I think what helped make it so delicious were the marinated artichoke hearts I bought which were delicious unto themselves. I WANT TO MAKE THIS AND THE SKILLET LASAGNA FROM LAST MONTH OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EAT THEM EVERYDAY. These are also probably two of the unhealthiest dishes I have ever made, so, that's probably why.

#3. Cuban chorizo stew. A lot of the times I've made stew or soup-ish type things in the past they've always tasted a little bland or not as good as I would have hoped, but this stew had a really really good, substantial flavor that I loved. Maybe it was the chorizo, since chorizo makes everything better, although I really only used a small amount in here. Maybe I just really really love black beans. This also made a ton and I was able to have leftovers for many meals without getting tired of it.

So this month wasn't full of all bad things. This might come as a shock, but I can be a little dramatic sometimes. But overall October, I won't miss you. Until next year, because normally you really are the bestest.

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