Friday, December 2, 2011

November Goals: Review.

At the beginning of November, I wrote a jumble of things that I wanted to do during the month. Here is my corresponding jumble of a review.

I was healthier in November but still not totally healthy. I did not run, because let's be honest, it's cold outside and I do not actually like running that much, I just like to believe I do. I ate fast food relatively less but still didn't eat enough fruits & vegetables. I did, however, start biking more again. I also had my lazy periods of driving, because, like, there's heat and I can sit down and I can listen to Florence (& Christmas music). But whenever I do get the cajones to bundle up and get on my bike, I am always grateful for it. Biking makes me feel like a stronger person, in a variety of ways.

I did not really wake up earlier.

I did write a little more this month, in the sense that I wrote something which may or may not be published somewhere soon, and I wrote a hilarious guest post on Kathy & Matie's new blog, and I babbled here. But I did not write any more TypeTriggers, and I did not submit anything to Gigantic Sequins. So half yay, half boo.

I did not really spend more time with my pictures. I am sad about this. Truth: I will never have enough time to spend with my pictures as I want to, and I will always be sad about it.

Uh, I did NOT finish Coin Laundry, my one accountable goal. Even though I SWEAR I am really loving it so far. Curses!

I did not contact UW about their MLS program but I found out more about it; still contemplating things. I started to freak out about money a little less because I was able to actually pay some bills. And this is an amazing feeling, for serious. If you have never experienced the joy of a quiet phone when credit cards and collectors stop calling you, you have never been as poor as me. But when it comes to thinking about wedding stuff, yes, indeed, still freaking out.

I did not keep the house cleaner. I did not start reading newspapers again.

I did NOT talk to people I love enough; I did not talk to my parents enough. This is actually my biggest regret this month.

I did not write about Florence, but I love that "write about Florence" was one of my GOALS. I am in love with my own melodramatic mind. However, I am actually just about to attempt to do that, for this, and I'm pretty pumped about it.

November was actually a pretty great month. I only had one mini-breakdown, had some really cool career type things happen, am feeling really good about myself at the moment, and am looking ahead to a really awesome 2012. Go me.

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