Saturday, January 14, 2012

Florence + the Machine, Lungs

The end of my 2011 was spent being fully enraptured with Florence + the Machine's newest album, Ceremonials. I wrote about my obsession with it here, on a Tumblr called Unbest created by the amazing Rachael Maddux. This Tumblr also happened to be included on the Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2011 by the NY Times Magazine, for good reason--Unbest is a brilliant idea that includes a lot of honest & moving writing about music. I couldn't recommend it more.

If you are too lazy to click on the above link, I'll tell you the gist of my piece on Ceremonials: OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANT TO CRY OVER IT LIKE A BIG BABY EVERY DAY OMG FLORENCE WELCH YOU ARE PART OF MY SOULLLLLLLL. Or, similar to that.

But in January so far, I have been backtracking a little & can't stop listening to Florence's first album, Lungs. Ceremonials feels like this overpowering, all-encompassing...thing, an overwhelming force of an album, where every song envelops you entirely in wonderful waves. But Lungs is a little different somehow. I love the songs just as much but they seem closer in a more bare-bones sort of way, in a way that I feel like I can wrap my hands around them and hold them tight, like they are mine mine mine.

A lot of them also make me want to dance a lot more.

Like Ceremonials, there is not one song on Lungs that I do not like. But there are quite a few that I like A WHOLE LOT. And that I've been listening to over and over and over. And singing to. And dancing to, a lot, when I'm alone, hopping around in my car like a fool as I drive or taking breaks while doing the dishes to break it down in the kitchen while my animals stare at me.


Howl. You guys. This is my jam. My dance moves to this one are SERIOUS BUSINESS. For reals. These dance moves mainly involve me flailing my arms around and bopping my head and moving my hips a lot. So, uh, basically the best dance moves. I get particularly excited when I get to flail around and lip-synch to: "IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE! THE BEAST YOU MADE IN ME!" I could angrily flail and lip-synch this line all day. Now picture me putting these SERIOUS BUSINESS DANCE MOVES to work while in a wedding dress. This is what's going to happen in six months, people. You aren't even ready for it, wedding guests.

Drumming Song. So. My dance moves to this one are less likely to be displayed in public, since they mainly just involve a lot of intense head thrashing and feet stomping. Okay, and some arm flailing too.  Mainly I just really, really like singing: "THERE'S A DRUMMING VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD THAT STARTS WHEN YOU'RE AROUND. I SWEAR THAT YOU COULD HEAR IT, IT MAKES SUCH AN ALMIGHTY SOUND." Like, when she says it near the end, with the insistent drum beats. Like. I really like it. (It is the "almighty sound" that does it. What great word choice. Jesus.)


Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). I feel like a rabbit-hearted girl, a lot. But I try to be a lion-hearted girl, too, sometimes. This song. Right here. *pounds chest*

Cosmic Love. Wrap me in a golden glittery gauzy curtain, play this song on repeat, I will die happy and dreamy. Repeat, repeat, repeat forever and ever, the stars have all been blown out.

My Boy Builds Coffins. I don't know why I like this song so much, to be honest. It's not like the lyrics pierce my insides like most of the other songs listed here. I really can't relate to dating a boy who builds coffins. I don't really like coffins, or thinking about them. (DEAR WORLD: SCATTER MY ASHES UNDER A TREE. NO COFFINS. K THANKS.)  But I just LIKE IT. It may actually be my favorite song on Lungs? But I can't explain why? Just the way the music dips and sways throughout the whole thing. It's just lovely.

Also, this is the only video that isn't a boring just-showing-the-cover-art video, the rest of which I included here because I wanted to broadcast the studio versions that I've been singing and dancing to like a madwoman, in order to be most accurate with my mind. But I had to include this one to show HOW CUTE FLORENCE WELCH IS. You must listen to her rambly introduction in this video, if anything just to hear when she talks about "writing songs about air" in her adorable British accent. She is adorable. I want to hug her. :( 

(Also, thank you for showing me this video, cousin Annie. Let's go hug her together.)

Maybe there will be a time in the future where listening to Florence + the Machine isn't the #1 thing I want to be doing, at all times. But I can't really picture it, yet.

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